I am part of a country that kills people for sport. And then they make the pictures a viral sensation–complete with hashtags.

America is a godless nation. I wish we would either be hot or cold on the matter of whose life truly matters. If the killing of children whether by disease, poverty, police murder or separation from their parents only to be thrown in concentration camps does not matter–nothing ever will.

The latest picture of this ongoing tragedy along the North American southern border is something that could only be conceived by people whom desire Hell as their final destination. People whom see non-white people as something to exterminate. To control. To exploit.

This viral picture of this father and daughter has me so distraught that I cannot totally understand why the nation is not more enraged.

Then again, this nation didn’t want to protect its on kids after 25 of them were murdered at school. Gun lobbyists are so deep in the beds of the powerful and socially aloof that it no longer matters when children die. No matter what they look like.

However, let is call spades what they are.

This people of Latinx origin are housed in concentration camps that the United States government paid for. Let that sink in. That the company Wayfair was making beds for! The nation loves to romanticize history at the cost of facts! The fact is we are now in a state of both/and. Illegal immigration is a problem, yes. And these people are still human beings in search of refuge and rescue!

This young man drowned with his daughter inside his shirt. He died trying to keep her safe, and give her a better life. We are a nation of immigrants constantly trying to keep other people out of it! For Black people to say this has nothing to do with us?


Remember this quote from James Baldwin about indifference:

Image result for if they come for you in the morning

Indifference thrives on apathy, personal comfort and the willingness to protect the status quo. A willingness to compromise rather than confront. A willingness to comply than rebel. The desire for peace at all cost is not peace: it is compliant oppression.

There is a humanitarian crisis of a generation on English-speaking soil, in a Christian nation! By all means, immigration has a process and is a means to an end. But where is the bottom, America! Where?! Of does the price go up the more of you soul that is sold?

Until this regime is deposed, and all those that cover this up for power and profit are rooted out, faith and God are wasted on America. The GOP has given their seal of approval to a naked, raving, American Nero. And are silent as the world they seek to maintain is burned asunder. But as long as it’s not their kids, or little White kids, it seems not to matter. They play their fiddles louder.

Or like the German churches of almost 80 years ago come this September, they will sing louder as the trains carrying the condemned roll past. A wise man told me something I am pressed to tell you:

“Your compassion should compel you to action.”

Now that you have seen death, suffering and indifference up close, what are you compelled to do?

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