There is a special place in Hell for McConnell and all his sycophants! The Avengers Endgame has more footage to be released, Senator Kamala Harris is clearly the most fearsome Jedi. Bruh! Y’all know what it is.

Let’s get it!

#KamalaHarris #DNCDebate #RespectOnHerName #GetItDone #BlackGirlMagic #WhoWhuppedBidenFor200 #WhoGonWhupOrangeThanos2020

The media outlets after this last debate were so amazed at the fact Senator Kamala Harris whupped up on ‘Rollin’ Joe Biden! What did y’all think this was?! This is the same woman that made Jeff Sessions damn near roll up in a ball because she asked him questions ‘too fast.’ What I think I so amazing is questions like this:

Never mind the fact she was competent, prepared and not for the shit! Her preparedness was made parallel with how comfortable she made her (White) male counterparts. Mane, lookahere. Former Gov. Howard Dean said if the Dems want to win, they shouldn’t have a White male on the top of the ticket. Let’s see if they listen. I’m HERE for President Kamala Harris.

#SerenaWilliams #GOAT #SUPERHERO #Wheaties #Icon #IconStatus #EatchaWheaties #WhatIsWheatiesToBlackGirlMagic

Did you see it, sis?! DID YOU SEE IT?!


My week needed this! I am so proud of her! I love how she keeps advancing and doing well and slaying! I love that more Black girls are playing tennis–AND WINNING! I love that in all she is doing. She is what She-Ra wishes to be!

In remembering all that she has come from, and endured and sacrificed, WHEATIES is hella late with this honor.

#ConcentrationCamps #HeatherHeyer #FightFacism #ReadBooks #AskQuestions #PunchNazis #AbolishIce #NotADrill #PayAttention

Someone needs to remind the planet of a new truth. The Greatest Generation isn’t the WWII Generation. It’s those people’s grandchildren.

The animal that murdered Heather Heyer got sentenced to life in prison. Yet, he’s a pinprick atop of a huge iceberg. The fact there is this vehement resurgence in anything related to White supremacy, let’s me know you cannot reason with people that hate you. It is only when they are out in the open and exposed can you identify them.

I often watch V FOR VENDETTA when I need to be reminded to fight oppressive regimes. I cheer everytime Parliament blows up.

There can be no mistake about this. Unless we get clear who is an ally, a hinderance, a nuisance, an enemy, a resource and a liability, this insanity will continue–UNCHECKED!

The press, a nation’s people and critical thinking facilitate this process! There are far too many things happening for you not to be able to think…or believe exactly what you’re seeing.

Till next week, y’all. I want you think, organize and implement. Be the change you need to see in the world.

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