Pedophila is still a crime. Money still greases and influences the powerful–don’t sleep on these two things! If nothing else! Orange Thanos believes he’s king, but doesn’t know airports are a modern invention. Cryptkeeper Kellyane is a Distraction Becky, ICE is trying to do gestapo raids and customs found $20 million worth of that white girl (cocaine) in a container owned by J. P. Morgan. Someone call Fury! And Jesus!

Let’s get it!

#RiRiWilliams #Blerd #EveEwing #Creation #Support #Love #WeSuperToo #MCU #PhaseIII #CreateContent #Space #LetUsIn

Imma tell you right now, I’m here for Eve Ewing! I am here and present for everything that she does! I thought I was hustling hard! Sis is flipping universes while I’m trying to change this one world. What do I mean?

Dr. Eve Ewing is a writer, poet, author and writer for the continuation of Iron-Man as a Black girl named RiRi Williams. Also known as Iron Heart. Robert Downey, Jr. said that Ironheart should be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That is…

The power of that is not lost on me. Or anyone that considers themselves a creative. It’s not the point that the MCU is a powerhouse, and now all those attached to this franchise will be icons. It’s not even the fact that RDJ said this. What I am jazzed about is this idea is gaining momentum. This idea that a comic that written by a Black woman, featuring a Black girl, can be–will be–seen by other little Black girls.

The power is the visibility. That visibility, that same energy, is being reverberated through and to the generation following! I mean, they killed Natasha! Don’t no body know where Gamora is! Why can’t we have RiRi? I’ll wait.

#Epstein #PayToPlayForReal #BigTime #FedsAreNotPlaying #ItsLookingSketchy #HowLong #ValueWomenAndGirls #NotJustTheWhiteOnes

Forty-five years of federal time.

The feds should put him and R. Kelly in a room with their victims and just give them an hour!

I said in the Hotsheet this week that this nation doesn’t value women. It uses them. We’re valued for power, pretty and pussy! Don’t flinch cause I wrote it! The PRESIDENT said it, and some of y’all ran up to vote for it! Knowing y’all got wives, sisters, mistresses and mamas! This man, just like R. Kelly, had a team of people recruiting these girls! GIRLS! And people wanna talk about how some girls didn’t look their age.


If don’t have a vocabulary dense enough to adequately express the sentient, vehement, vexing rage about this! I don’t! I’m not even surprised this bastard set it up so he didn’t really have to go to jail! And Secretary Acosta? He has daughters!

I’m over it.

If you are a Republican and in the possession of a vagina, and see nothing wrong with the station of your county, it’s female population and the current party?

You’re a fucking idiot.

Neither Megan McCain, that melting Cryptkeeper 45 keep on that leash in that dungeon of the White House, or the any pulpit pimping Paula White-Cain do (I really wanna know how big the check he gave her was! Someone ask! She blocked me on Twitter.), can help you. You are now a lame duck among starving wolves. Good luck.

Funny; I thought the goal of patriarchy was to protect women.

#NewLevels #NewDevils #Bruh #USRepresentativeAyannaPressley #MsPressley YallBetterAsk #ItsNotTheTimeOrSeason #FolkIsSholeTired #CheckThemNewONESOverThere

I am actually rooting for the Conways to get a divorce. I really am. I want George Conway to wake up and realize that this woman is a pod person and send her back to wherever she come from! I really hope he sends flowers and divorce paperwork. She out here in the world coming for the wrong ones.

Look, my sister KRH is my petty correspondent when all matter of legal or political ratchetness happens. So, when I heard that this melting cryptkeeper came for Representative Pressley? And she told her she was a Distraction Becky? And told her to keep her name out her mouth?!


I cackled.

I cackled because she put that ugly (bleep) smooth in her place! And she put levels on what it is to be a dingy, messy clear girl.

A distraction Becky?! I was inconsolable! And still am! This government is so corrupt, so raggedy, so intent on unrecoverable avarice–that you already know what it is when they cart her out! You know she’s going to lie, hedge, spin and collect all bags! Her job is to be the messy broad at your job! The one that wanna supervise everyone, but she doesn’t ever do anything? And when you ask what her real job is, no one can tell you for real? Yeah, that’s a Kellyanne Conway.

That’s a Distraction Becky. Expose these dames and keep it pushing, Torches! Distraction Becky’s cannot stand shine, progress, lack of attention paid. Pay them in dust and let your silence be the change.

Y’all, I know I went in this week, but y’all needed it I know. Just be aware that the sun is out, God is real and you can do all you put your mind to focus towards. See y’all next week!

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