This week has been draining, dear ones!My precious #Torches, have you seen the state is the country and planet right now?! Loves, there is so much! Mango Mussolini led a whole fascist rally on national television; he came for 4 women of the US House of Representatives like all racist cowards do. Then the press conference they had which was the political equivalent of “Pull up then!” On top of #POSE killing Candy?! And Robert Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein BOTH in the clink?! But there’s about to be a TOP GUN sequel next year?! Mane! Let’s get it!

#EBONY #TheCulturesPhotoAlbum #Archives #TheLoss #WhereAreTheGroits #History #Preservation #EBONYMagazine #WhatWeGonDo

It’s not a dream. It’s beyond a nightmare! The Black culture photo album, EBONY magazine is going out of business. Adding insult to this, the photo archives of the magazine are up for auction. Seventy years–now about to be on a drive or in a box. My heart…

I don’t think y’all understand what we are losing. Not misplacing-LOSING! The pictures of activists and artists; politicians and dancers; moguls and space makers! Just gone.


I have no words for this. What I do have is the observation related to now easy erasure is! I am upset at the Johnson family. I’m upset as a writer and as a artist. I cannot believe this–there can be Go FundMe to #SaveHBCUs, so how are we as a people–the culture, the culture collective–a race with so much taken from us? How are we to deal with this? I’ll wait.

#EddieMurphy #Wow #ImHereForThis #EddieMurphyRaw #EddieMurphyDelirious #TheMagicOfNetflix #ImHereForThisThough #AintNoLeatherSeatsThough #ButItsGonBeLit


Somebody tell Mo’Nique to get come get some Courvoisier because Netflix about to kill her again! The word is that Mr. Murphy is in talks to do a stand-up special with a $70 million check attached!

I don’t know who thought this would be lit, because it’s been almost 40 years since he did anything like this! Make no mistake, Eddie got DISNEY money! He did Shrek and Mulan! Eddie will keep money!

Bruh. But I’m here for this! I am! Just like I’m going to go see Captain Peter Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick next summer. With all Eddie Murphy has seen and done in the industry over 40 years, I think this will be hilarious. Like Richard Pryor hilarious.

#TheLionKing #TheVision #Visionary #Art #Push #25years #SimbaAndMufasaBlackAF #ImmaCry #DontJudgeMe #ThisNotAMovieIssaFilm

This film is not just about Bey, dammit!

At 13, I remember watching The Lion King, and crying when Mufusa died. I remember how dope this movie was, how creative and vivid it was! I also remember when the powers that be decided to make this Disney movie into an award-winning play.

In this sweeping reimagining of Disney movies, I thought The Lion King wouldn’t be touched. Don’t ask me why, I just did. But from the trailers? Indeed this will be incredible. I’m already here for the soundtrack! Yes, as of this posting it will be downloaded! And jammed to at least twice!

The new version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight about to get people pregnant! I don’t take that back and I see no lie.

I had to leave y’all on a happy note this week. There are so many thingsburning in the world, that I couldn’t add more to that–not this week. Go see The Lion King. Love one another. Rest when you must. Take care of one another. See y’all next week!

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