September 2019 Book Review-My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

How far will you go for family?

This is the question I had when I read this book.

This book here? Oh my! This was the perfect book to lead into the autumn-fall-Halloween season. I recommend this book because I could not put it down!

I could not put it down!

I got through this book on Audible in an afternoon! An afternoon! If you had decided to pick this book up, and pour over it, don’t think these 75 chapters segments are long. They are genius!

The basis of this story is awesome. Korede (pronounced ‘Cor-day’)and Ayoola (pronounced ‘eye-oh-lah’) are sisters. And they share a secret, and trauma, and the fact Ayoola kills men under what can only be seen as suspicious circumstances.

We see Korede trying to keep her own life, and protect her little sister; all while her sister is unrepentant in her behavior. As the oldest child in my family, I understand the need she has to protect her little sister. I get that younger siblings need the guidance and experience from their older siblings. But, damn! At what cost?

In reading this book I was challenged to think about my own relationships with my siblings and parents. I thought about what I would do for them, and have done for them–but also, what I will not do. At what point do you say you cannot do what they want anymore? At what point, where is the point, that you give up trying to fix everything, and allow them to fall?

The book, like all thrillers, leaves you guessing. It grabs you by your throat and slowly squeezes the scream from you! One of the best parts of the book is when Korede drowns herself in her work because that is the only thing that makes sense. All while confiding in a coma patient everything–and I mean everything! Then? He wakes up? And remembers what she said?!

Oh my.

Another really good part is how Korede makes the decision between the doctor at the hospital she confesses to be in love with, and her sister’s secrets! And she ruins his career to save her sister? Due to this obligation? Ooh.

The Black horror movie genre is bigger than Jordan Peele. And it needs go further than Jordan Peele! And I think this book a good place to start.

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