Fear Of Failure: Your Reminder You Aren’t Alone

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The scariest thing in the world is to try. The scariest thing in the world is to do something that only you can see. The scariest thing to do is begin. To change. To begin to change your life.

I don’t think the reason people decide not to try is because they want to see exactly what’s going to happen if they do. I don’t think fear of failure is a deep enough explanation. I believe the fear of failure is rooted in the fear of the unknown. People want to know exactly what will happen if they decide to try something new. If they break away from the pack, if they choose to believe in themselves!

The fear of failure is real.

However, it can be neutralized.

What I want you to remember as the month ends, is you are the captain of your own ship. The master of your ship. You have the right to change your life as you see fit, when you see fit. The only person to stop you is–you.

It is the apprehension of the unknown which stymies. It chokes out your desire for change–it convinces you that where you are is fine. You should not want anything else.

Changing that dynamic, that self-talk, will be the most difficult thing. If you have not failed at anything, I have no desire to know you! I cannot trust you, I cannot be vulnerable with you. This means you haven’t tried anything–you don’t desire anything new and you are content!

The fear of failure is the fear of rejection is the fear of the unknown. What are you afraid of? What thing are you dying to do that you haven’t done yet? The worst that could happen is that it not work. The best thing? It may not work, and you learn from it!

Once you remind yourself of the worst possible scenario, the worst possible outcome, you are then freeing yourself to reach for what you want. The question is, are you willing to be scared for a while to make the life you want a reality?

The world is waiting on you.

And the you that you desire to become is waiting on you.

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