28 (29) Days Of Blackness: The Reminder Why We Do What We Do

First and foremost, let me put you up on game. I know, my entire staff knows, we celebrate Black History all year long! Every day, we wake up as different varieties of the Melaninated Chocolate Rainbow, moving about the world to not just conquer but subdue!

This month is our chance to introduce you all to personal heroes, sheroes, influencers, activists, issues you need to know or notice, and what to look forward to with eagerness!

As always, we will celebrate the people whom look like us! So, be ready to laugh, reminisce, cry happy tears and be empowered.

Know that this month is special to the blog because we indeed take serious the job of a Firestarter, leading our Tribe of Torches.

We bring light, heat and smoke.

We will make no apology for our Melanin Magnificence.

Throwing Flame Throwers in Love,

JBHarris, Lead Admin

[image from Words On Paper]

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