28 (29) Days Of Blackness: Supermodel of the Winnie Harlow Sort

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Winnie Harlow, April 2017 Nike Campaign.

Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young is gorgeous. I remember her being on America’s Next Top Model. The first thing I noticed was her face. I have seen children and people with vitiligo, so I knew what the disease was and could do. I also knew that it was more noticeable on melanin-rich skin. I also thought as a Black girl, with beauty with the aesthetic of our skin and features–I thought about how much I wanted her to win.

Again, and I will never get tired saying it: Representation matters.

The fact that Chantlelle, now Winnie Harlow (dopest model name than the single name supermodels I grew up it (Naomi, Claudia, Daisy, Alek)–I have rooted for her. I have followed her career–it has done my heart so good to see her just excel! Look at these! Only a Black girl could be this utterly captivating:

Image result for winnie harlow


Image result for winnie harlow

Look, I am a fan of fashion and style. In a former life, I wanted to be a model. I have even been a fan of America’s Next Top Model–I mean, I am old enough to remember Tyra Banks as TYRA–the new runway supermodel that was giving Naomi Campbell a run for all the coins dahling! So seeing her sitting down with THEE Beverly Johnson, the first Black supermodel on CBS This Morning last week? I was overjoyed! I am ever of fan of Black women representing both legacy and future and getting along! It is the most glorious thing…

The very thing that made Chantelle a possible target, has allowed Winnie to flourish! Is that not one of the things that makes Black Girl Magic a superpower? I believe it is. If I had a dream for Winnie, it would be she become the face of Dior or Chanel! If Rihanna can be the face of Dior and Gucci, so can Winnie!

Go forth and conquer Sis!

[Images from wmagazine & essence.com]

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