28 (29) Days Of Blackness: Black Lives Matter-Stories Untold: Life After Stroke

Black Lives Matter extends beyond hashtags alerting to police murder. Heart disease is the top cause of death for African American men. Mrs. Lorie Flegler, wife of Dennis Flegler, has boldly put a face to those families living with someone recovering from stroke. All contact information will be at the end of the article. Please consider supporting this effort. *#AllIsWellDennis


*-this hashtag is the agreement–by faith–that Dennis is going to continue to recover.

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Facebook, for all of its dark elements, has brought some amazing people into my world. One of them is the dynamic Lorie Flegler. Through the vehicle of Facebook, she has shone her growing family, her handsome husband as well as her decor business, Decor & More by LoJo. She is creative, inching towards becoming an Empty Nester–and her husband a retired Marine.

In August 2019, Lorie’s husband, Dennis, had a massive stroke. As a friend of Lorie’s on Facebook, I watched her post her fear, frustration, questions and saw her church (Agape International Church) rally around her, her family, for her strength and continued support. It was amazing. It is amazing.

She documented everything through her Facebook page. And I watched, and I prayed. I chimed in only when I thought to do so. I checked on her. I let her know she wasn’t alone (Cargiver Fatigue is real; respite is needed). From that documentation, from this testimony of Dennis’s recovery, came a post asking if her friends and family would support a platform dedicated to this journey.

I applauded Lorie and have been following her journey, her family’s journey, ever since.

I have a background in healthcare. My mother is a retired nurse. So are most of my cousins and godmother. The terms she was using I already knew from nursing classes. The acronyms were old hat because we had to memorize them for my Health Assessment class. I watched her videos, celebrated with her and applauded all what Dennis has done–the testimony that Lorie has? Again, follow the platform to know a true miracle had happened!

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Know the signs. Time lost is brain lost. Memorize this.

Lorie has been vocal about her advocating for the quality of her husband’s care. She has been rightfully angry at insurance companies for thinking she is willing to settle for what she knows is subpar for that her husband needs! Lorie has talked openly and honestly about how her church and its community have given love, respite and care when needed. And she has voiced how tired she at points—and she also detailed the joy at hearing her husband say her full name; after his doctors thought he would never talk again.

The wonderful thing, the notable thing about what Lorie is doing is her willingness to be transparent. Her willingness to admit something that more caretakers may not—helping a spouse recover from an illness is hard. It is hard. It is thankless at points and it can be frustrating. That level of frank honesty is rare, and I am proud of her for it.

In her intro video, Lorie says the one thing she has learned is what you go through may not be for you, it may be for someone else. I agree, Lorie. I agree. And we support all your are doing.


If you desire to find out more about the Flegler Family journey, click here. If you are interested in the awesome creations Lorie does, click here .

[Image from Stories Untold: Life After Stroke official Facebook page]

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