The coronavirus is spreading, the leader of the Free World doesn’t care about anything but neither do his underlings, babies are being born grumpy, NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson passed away, Antarctica is MELTING, the PROUD FAMILY is coming back to television, Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta out here scaring the whole damn world with 2 days left to go in Black History Month! I mean, Black history is Black horror! Sigh.

Let’s get it!

#MichaelBloomberg #Stop&Frisk #MAGALite #PoliticalAds #ItsTewMuch #WhyLawd #AnyoneButOrangeThanos #AnybodyButStopAndFriskPresident #AnythingButTheSameShenanigans #TheNewYorkersKnowHeCrooked

I am tired of these political ads Michael Bloomberg is inflicting upon my television time! I am tired of hearing the slogan ‘Mike Gets It Done.’ Mike also was a champion of Stop & Frisk! I mean, hearing that, knowing that, and seeing that? It makes you take a long hard look at what you stand for! Not to mention one of the reasons why the Central Park 5 case was so epic because it was one of the roots of Stop & Frisk! The fact is the people which are championing this man have yet to account for this racist behavior! This type of devotion is MAGA Lite! We cannot afford this, man! We cannot afford 4 more year of this current dumpster fire on Hell’s back acre!

Don’t be fooled, beloveds. Don’t do it.

#KatherineJohnson #Legacy #Mathematics #GirlsDoSTEAM #GirlsDoSTEM #STEAM #STEM #NASA #BlackGirlsOnTheMoon #HumanCalculator #WestVirginiaStateUniversity #HiddenFigures

Katherine Johnson, The Human Computer, Math Whiz and brain power behind the Moon Landing, passed away this week at 101. This same week, she got a statue at her alma mater, West Virginia State University. Amazing. With this MAGA infestation, it is beautiful to see honor being given where and when it was due!

As the mother of a daughter that told me she wants to be a NASA Chemist, for her to see a woman that looks like her, doing what she dreams of doing? My heart is full. I am glad my daughter got to see her. I am glad Katherine got to live to see her legacy and work recognized and celebrated! I am glad that she got to see–live to see–these honors.

The statute was the icing on the cake.

For Ms. Katherine Johnson, encourage a Black child in math and science. It doesn’t make them ‘trying to be White’. It doesn’t mean they want to be ‘better than someone else’. It makes them AMAZING! Treat them like it.

#Candyman #Reboot #TonyTodd #JordanPeele #NiaDaCosta #MonkeyPawProductions #BlackWritersMatter #BlackDirectorsMatter #BlackStoriesMatter #ForTheCulture #ButTheCultureIsScared

I believed Jordan Peele when he said that he wanted to redo Candyman. I believed him. I knew if he did it, it would be something altogether horrifying.


When the trailer was released on Thursday, and Say My Name by Destiny’s Child was woven through it? I legit felt my skin crawl. The other win about this remake–the director is a Black woman! The production company, Monkey Paw, is hiring Black directors! I think that Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele have a Jordan-Pipen thing happening. I need to see more of her work, more opportunities, and more writing of this caliber!

I am here for this ‘spiritual remake’. It is modern and stylish, and from the trailer–just the trailer!–I can see the homage to the former 3 movies and the spin they have on it. I believe we are going to have a sequel that may be better than the original.

Considering the original story was written by Clive Barker, and it has stood up as a horror classic for 28 years? This is going to be phenomenal!

Note: I believe that you do not need to see a movie written/produced/influenced by Jordan Peele alone. You will need someone to talk to–to decompress with. Rules of Blackness say you do NOT see a Jordan Peele movie alone. For Candyman? Take a team.

No funny quips this week, just this:

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