Starting Anew: The Madness Of The Spring Cleaning

Image result for starting over meme

March Madness is a real thing, Torches. And it is a real thing out side of the NCAA though! Spring is that time of year where everyone wants to do everything for everybody all at the same time! From starting school, relationships (or leaving them in some cases), beginning projects, the springtime always empowers folk to believe in themselves to do new things! The level of believe that folk have in themselves when the snow melts and it gets above 40 degrees is amazing!

The cool thing is this time of year is the things you discover! What I like most about Spring is being about to find the things I thought were lost, or discover things I forgot I liked! I mean, I would books, unfinished manuscripts, photos and clothes! Every year without fail, I say, “That’s what I did with that!”

Spring is the time of year where I get motivated to start new stuff, try new stuff and develop other hobbies! I mean it was Spring 2017 where I got serious about writing. It was Spring 2018 where I started to develop myself as a writer! Spring is the ideal time to re-evaluate and reassess the things you may have missed, forgotten about or may have wanted to know more about! Spring is a time for love, so why not fall in love with something you forgot about?

Life is dynamic, and if done well there is a plethora of opportunities to start over, discover more about yourself, and what you love to do! Springtime is a time get caught up in all these new things, the passions of the new stuff, or even getting lost in the frenzy of things you forgot that you loved. Get lost, Torches–you never know what you might find. It might just be you.

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