CNN is tried of the Liar-And-Chief, Black people are getting put out of Wal-Mart for wearing masks, Kenneth Copeland is blowing on people, nurses are tired, there aren’t enough ventilators, and we are running out of PPE, but the Mad Titan wants doctors to give a drug to people that is unproven and with no clinical data–not only that! Bernie Sanders has dropped out the Presidential race clearing the way for Joe Biden. Whew wee!

Let’s get it!

#CNN #WeMissChrisCuomo #TeamCuomo #NoOneWantsToHearThisOrangeIdiotLieHimLie #Liars #WhyArentHisPantsOnFire #Incompetence #Racism #Bigotry #NoOneIsGoingToForgetThis

CNN decided on Friday not to air the daily press conference. For that I am glad. All these have become is a old man screaming at the TV, screaming at people who dare ask him questions–and is beyond redemption. This dear ones, is the manifestation of malignant narcissism. He has risked the lives of 330 million people for ego.


I am glad they decided not to air it this morning. My secret hope is one reporter just jump up and say this:

“You, sir, are a liar. You are a liar of the worst kind! Normal liars shut up when they are caught! You have been caught! You are the naked emperor we have read about! You are evil and past all hope! You have no idea what you are doing! Being empowered by the demons of racism, white supremacy and bigotry mixed with narcissism, you have deceived the nation! You have lead the nation to a cliff demanding they jump! You are devoid of shame, faith and need to be deposed as Jezebel of the bible was!”

He thinks this is going to just ‘go away’. It’s not. Over 15,000 people are dead. That statistic is 1 person in this nation dying every 45 minutes. Think about that. And he is mad he can’t go golfing. I hope y’all are happy. This mother—would rather kill us all than admit he was wrong! He thinks if he just says its okay long enough, then it will be.

Maybe that happens in the land of OZ, but here? In the land where cats were fighting over toilet paper and bleach wipes–ain’t nobody going for this!

#COVIDTesting #ThisIsASign #BeAware #BeVigiliant #DontBeFooled #SomethingHasToBeDone #AccurateNumbers #DontBeCaughtSleeping #StayWoke #RememberOctaviaButler #ParableOfTheSower

Let me tell you something.

The CDC tracks pandemics through data. This data comes through testing. From that testing, trends can be tracked. If trends can be tracked, this means the spread of a disease can be mapped and predicted. This way, everyone can stay safe.

There is a scary level of arrogant stupidity which is accompanying this pandemic! This is allowing people whom have no experience powered by opinions to try and make waves and policy! This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.

The fact the Impostor President doesn’t want anyone else tested for this, and willing to risk more lives for the sake of his ego? This should be all you would need to know. But, you know America! They love to believe in the power of a White Savior–no matter how detrimental it is! Think about that family! Think about it!

My writer big sister Hanna Drake said that white folk really haven’t see the full ramifications of that they have done, or allowed to happen. I agree. But they about to feel it for real now.

#TheJoyInAllThings #ShulerKing #LikeAMedicine #JoyInTheMidstOfThis #Laughter #BlackComicsMatter #InternetComicsMatter #ComicsMatter #ChappelleCantDoItAll

The only things which have been getting me through this time of separation and pandemic is prayer, YouTube, writing and Shuler King videos. If you do not know who this man is, you need to follow him on Instagram and Facebook. He observational comedy is a ministry, and makes being stuck in the house bareable. Trust! The funniest one he did this week was the letter to Barack Obama! Shuler likened the state of the country to the pretty girl int he movie that broke up with the good dude, to get with the popular dude; popular dude gave her an STD!

I CRIED, do you hear me?! I CRIED!

In the midst of all this madness, the insanity of 44 +1, I need to remember to be happy. I need to remember there is joy after this, and during this! And Shuler in all his Black Boy Joy is what my soul needs. Keep it up, fam!

This week reminded me of the tenacity of the Black women I admire–here and past. Resist. Fight. Wash your hands.

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