Where do I even start?!

The Flu Klux Klan, the drinking of disinfectant, A$AP Rocky thinking he made Forces popular, Karen’s bastard daughter, Stephanie Freeman, is a symptom of a greater problem, some states are trying to ‘re-open’ their local government, and the NFL draft with no NFL playing! You cannot make life up. But, Isaiah Wilson’s Mama is a whole mood! BLACK MAMA’S ARE A MOOD EVEN IN A PANDEMIC!

Let’s get it!

#FluKluxKlan #Quarantine #Protesting #ProtestForWhat #ThisIsNotLife #ThisIsLife #ThisIsLikeTheEndOfMrs&MrsSmith #TwoPandemics #ScienceIsGreaterThanOpinion #HowIsThisLife #ThisIsTheCraziestBookIHaveEverBeenIn

When I heard this nickname for the group of silly people, I screamed laughing. I laughed because I could not find the strength to cry. At all. I cannot believe that in the land of the ‘free and the brave’ people are so spoiled and petchulant they are protesting being inside.

Being. Inside.

In the midst of a pandemic which has now killed a little over 50,000 people–when the best thing is to stay away from people, and wear masks, interacting when you can–folk are mad. Folk are mad they have to stay indoors. That businesses in which people can congregate have to close because of the spread of the virus. Now, here is where I remind of the importance of voting. Here is where I remind you of the importance of a healthy government and how it should serve the people. I need you to realize that this here–this right here–is insanity! People are in the street, armed (Pin: WHY MUST THERE BE A MILITIA?!), with the goofiest of signs twisting policy, legacies, and all matter of social progress (one sign being “My body, My choice”) because you don’t want to be inside.

This is white supremacy having a tantrum. And they need a whuppin–and the Pappy that empowered them.

#StephanieFreeman #TikTok #RacismInTheInternetAge #WhiteWomanTears #NoMagicHere #CallItWhatItIs #SheIsARacist #HerBoyfriendIsARacist #MAGAIsDomesticTerrorism #TheImposterPOTUS #ThePOTUSIsADomesticTerrorist

I talked about this dingy broad on I Breathe Fire. What I need you all to know, my dearest Torches, is this: racism is expensive. It will always cost, and there is no credit which can replace it. Stephanie Freeman is the type of white girl who gets Black people killed! She is not sorry she was caught on a social media–she is sorry about the ramifications it has brought! Stephanie was expelled during a quarantine in her Senior year! She got her college acceptance rescinded! This is going to stalk her for a while-while meaning the next 5 years. She has been shone–in ‘front the whole world!–that not even a White girl can do what she want to do with the world watching.

Stephanie Freeman is a racist—and her tears will not save her. The internet is handling her like Isaiah Washington Mama! Yas, God!

#A$APRocky #Nelly #STLKids #Nikes #GimmeTwoPair #INeedTwoPair #AirForceOnes #Forces #IcyWhites #NikeGirl #WhoIsThisMan #WhoAskedHim #DidntHeGetArrestedInEurope

This was one of my favorite Nelly songs–it makes the happy St. Louis girl in me resistant to anything which is not from her hometown. I have worn Nikes since I was about 10. From there? It was on. So, I remember Air Force Ones playing on the radio in the early 2000’s–and humming it every time I wore my icy white Forces.

I did it then. And I do it now!

So for A$AP Rocky is a joke to me. He gets on my nerves, chile! All my nerves. All of my nerves! But this here? Like, didn’t he get arrested in Switzerland? Didn’t this same ninja say he couldn’t ‘relate’ to the issues facing everyday Black folk? Wasn’t that him?

I believe it was.

He can take his would-be outrage about trending sneakers first on somewhere! His whole career is a damn trend. I can’t wait until his trend is over.

President Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius said he was playing when he said this goofy sh!t–but let me remind you of this, ’till I see you next week:

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