First things first: do not feel bad for confiding in others. I, too, have felt like that for years! I rather go through my stuff on my own, and keep it pushing. But, that is so terrible for your growth mentally. As awkward as it may be sometimes, it truly is best to get things off your chest and out into the open. This way all that built up energy inside of you is expelled someway; taking some of the pressure off of you. So don’t criticize yourself for seeking compassion or a listening ear every now and again.

Secondly, the best way I can think for someone to get over this is to be very honest with yourself. Talk to yourself before you talk to someone else, or talk to the higher power you believe in. But, talk! You have to talk openly, and be truthful of your feelings if you ever think you’re going to be okay with yourself, or with and sharing your inner most thoughts with other people if you can’t even hear it from yourself out in the open.

Most importantly though, don’t even worry about someone else may think about you in your dark time! This is a time when you just need a shoulder, and if that shoulder ain’t attached to a solid person? Who will just be there judgement free? Then, get you some new folks to talk to.

Overall, just be open, be carefree, and understand that you have rights to your feelings,and you have rights to vent about them. You don’t have to be bottled up because of what you’re worried about from others. Your truth is your truth and anyone not in support of a resolve or anyone who makes you feel bad is not anyone you need around. Vent, be an open book and be okay with being soft.

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