Quarantine Thoughts: To My Peers, You Didn’t Lose Out

Graduation-caps-tossed-in-the-air - The Catholic Thing

I can’t get out of my head that so many young Black men and women didn’t get to walk this year. I know we’ve heard a thousand stories and see it everyday on all sorts of social media sites, so it’s possibly becoming a bit redundant. I’m sure, like me, many are tired of all the stories throughout this nationwide shut down of things that bring us to tears or bring us down— but this isn’t another one of those. I want to let my former peers know that y’all didn’t lose out.

Yes, in so many regards a lot was snatched from y’all. For some this was going to be the last time they walked the stage. This degree was it, and it was everything and maybe the moment you looked forward to over everything else is just gone (for now)! I want to say to y’all that there is a brighter side to it all.

Y’all did that!

For the years that you all were in school, you put the work in tirelessly. So much happened and you all never slipped! That’s so much to be proud of. People will debate about which class was the best, but it will be no denying–as history proceeds– that it was Class of 2020. Y’all are living through a global pandemic that has rocked the world in ways no one could’ve truly foreseen–and y’all never stopped!

Y’all turned in the assignments.

Y’all sat up at night studying tirelessly.

Y’all never let go of the bigger picture.

For that, we thank you. Your family, who this degree you vowed was for, thanks you.

Your future kids thank you.

Your professors thank you.

Your school thanks you.

Most importantly: future you thanks you.

Future You has been set up for a lifetime and you all will never forget this year. You’ll never forget the strength you displayed, neither will everyone else in the world. You didn’t lose out on everything: you gained so much respect and praise for standing ten toes down throughout this journey! To the unforgettable Class of 2020, I see you and I’m so proud of you!

[image from thecatholicclothing.org]

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