Thoughts Of Quarantine: Leave Or Not To Leave (Part 1)-Outside Is Closed

The ‘Rona is ruining my outside time.

As a new mom, when my young ladies were babygirls, going to the store was my reprieve. When I would take them to day care and go to work, or to have a day to myself (I mean, I had to pay for the whole 5 days no matter what! So, sometimes Mama needed just to be JENNIFER! Take note of that new Mama’s!), I would go grocery shopping. It was faster without the kids! And I would have other errands I would have to do! Besides, I am a fan of women taking naps.

Sleep makes women better. But that is another conversation.

Now, as they have gotten bigger, shopping alone is the time I have to think, take my time, and have a few-5-minutes to myself! Just because the kids get bigger does mean the job gets easier, dear one. If anything, it gets that much harder the closer my baby birds get to leaving the nest. So, store runs became my sips of oasis.

Yet, with the quarantine? Mane, it has become a whole other animal to outside! I mean, I have kids that like to go outside! Who like to dig in dirt! Who love to go with me everywhere! But, now? The going with me everywhere becomes a combat mission. I told my family the best thing we can do is to take this ‘old school.’ This means the following:

1.) Bleach everything.

2.) Clean everything.

3.) Only go outside when you need to.

4.) Shower when you get back.

Clorox Disinfecting Bleach, Regular - 121 Ounce Bottle - Walmart ...
Mane–My Nan would be so mad at me that there is no bleach in my house, and I can’t find none at the stores around me. Wal-Mart near me is SCARY right now!

I mean, I thought thee most bougie thing one could ever do was to order your groceries. Bruh! Order the groceries! Then, the pandemic happened. And I had to think about myself, and my kids. I had to think about getting to work and coming back and still having to go to the store. This situation has caused me to demand my memory gather and implement everything my grandmother taught me to keep me and my family safe! So, ordering groceries is no longer ‘thee most bougie thing one could ever do’. It is now a resource! As one that used to work as a waitress, a cook, and cashier–I make sure I always tip my delivery people. It’s never nothing. Even 10% goes a long way.

This quarantine has forced me to even laugh at myself as to how I have to leave the house now! I have to make sure I have bleach wipes with me, my surgical mask under my cloth mask, and some sort of eye make-up. Why they eye make up? I have to be cute in some fashion during this! I mean, my braider had a baby! I can’t go over her house (as y’all know, my day job is essential–I wouldn’t dare go over there after working all night at a hospital!) to get my hair done! I mean, I am the daughter of a woman whom has taught me a lady needs a good red lip, her hair done, and a signature scent! I am a lady, dammit! So I must have something on my immediate person that makes me feel like I am feminine. Shoo, even my cloth mask is cute!

But the store, my last bastion of motherhood reprieve, is now fraught with danger,unwashed hands and low hand sanitizer! I mean, I cannot find BLEACH anywhere! And refuse to buy it from Amazon! But, you do what you can–and there is no Black woman I know whom does not have CLOROX in her house rhett nah!

But, I handle these store trips as best I can, Torches. I realize there is some stuff I cannot control, and don’t need to. #ItsAboveMeNow. Besides, the people that world for InstaCart clearly will always have a job. And I’m grateful.

I just wish they would deliver wine. Moscato helps. It always helps.

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