Pop A Collar, Adjust A Crown

It’s Men’s Month! So, in light of all that is happening in the world around us–even as it burns–let us be light to the men in our lives, and whom by virtue of their presence, make ours better. -JBHarris

Black men are BLACKNIFICENT!

I am the daughter, granddaughter and sister of Black men. I have always had more male friends in my life than I have ever had female friends. Yet, in the time we live now, there is a particular responisbility which comes with being both Black and woman in these spaces now.

In the last 30 days, three people of African American descent have died at the hands of white supremacy powered by law enforcement or white privilege. The rage that has surfaced in the Black community after seeing Ahmaud murdered jogging, Breonna murdered in the arms of her love, and George murdered while screaming for his mother, with the knee of a white supremacist systems FULLY on his neck–this Men’s Month feels more like medicine for the soul, and lighthouse for stormy sea than it ever has in the almost 4 years this platform has existed.

Today, I want the Black men whom follow this space–those whom are fathers, uncles, husbands, friends, nephews, mentors–we see you. We see you in us. There could not be an Ideal Firestarter without my own father.

“If they won’t let you in the front door, go around to the back. If they won’t let you in the back, buss a window and jump in.” -Richard Bush (1948-1998)

I need you all to know that we see you, we fight for you, and we love you. I need you all to know you are the sons of Kings, and we see the hustle. We see the dreams you desire to build, the kids you want to raise and the world you desire to build. We see the trauma unspoken, the dreams unrealized, the grind which threatens to take all joy from you.

WE see YOU.

We will not allow the memories of your greatness to fade. We will not allow the narrative of evil men to dictate or snuff out the goodness in you. We will not allow your blood to be what evil men mock or justify to water the soil where only oppression can grow!

WE see YOU.

I won’t pretend that John Henryism doesn’t exist. I won’t pretend that lynching, subjugation and oppression are not a daily reality! I won’t pretend that making it home daily to the family the loves you is a goal and a fear. I will not minimize that. What I will say is YOU MATTER.

You matter to us.

We need you to live for us!

You carry lineage inside of you!

We need you to stay here, with us–your daughters, sons, wives, husbands, sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers and friends–because you matter. You matter in world that steals your swag, breaks your heart, and tries to erase you from the world like a hobby!

You are magnificent. You are needed. You are Kings. You are necessary. you are allowed to love, and cry and grieve and be mad. You have the right to your personhood! You have a crown to put on–let know one knock it off you again.

Not even yourself.

[top image from Pinterest, second image is property of author]

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