The whole world has rallied like the portal scene in Endgame, the White House has a fence around it like issa closed playground, Roger Goddell is backtracking about his stance on the Kaepernick-Reid protests, Drew Brees is the worst kind of “I’m not racist!” white man, Michael Jordan is donating to agencies focused on fighting racism and John Boyega is a Jedi for real!

Let’s get it!

#JohnBoyega #BlackLivesMatter #JediMasterOn100 #HeSaidWhatHeSaid #GoAndDoLikewise #NoJusticeNoPeace #NoBlackballing #NoMuzzling#BlackActorsMatter #BlackCreativesMatter

I am here for John Boyega! I am here and present for all that he is doing! I am impressed by his tenacity, encouraged by his candor and totally understand his concern about his job.


I felt that when John said he was nervous about not having a job, or access or any other opportunities to build his career. Why? For saying Black Lives Matter. For participating in a GLOBAL PROTEST that demands visibility, justice and equality for folk that look like him. Think about that! Enter Jordan Peele.

Academy Award Winning Writer Jordan Peele told the world, “We got you. Go change the world.” This is why the presence and support of Black creatives is imperative during times of social change! This is one of the reasons why I believe Dr. King could do the work that he did was the economic security of his family was handled by other activists! One of them being Harry Belafonte! You have to know what this means the arts does and always have this need to be forward thinking as it relates to how the world changes. The arts needs to be, and should a refuge to the activist. It should be a welcome place to those desiring to change the world.

I look forward to the partnership John and Jordan are about to have. It’s already lit!

#ColinKaepernick #BlackFolkBeKnowin #ItsBiggerThanAnApology #MoreThanTheNFL #IAmNotAmusedOrDeceived #ItWillTakeMoreThanThis #TheyAllLate #ThisIsNotABetterLateThanNever #AllyshipVsPrivilege

So, the NFL now wants to say how sorry they are? On the heels of Drew Brees sounding like a whole ad campaign for MAGA Klansman Membership? Who is fooled by this? Not me! At this point? I just want Russell Wilson to not get CTE, Michael Vick to play for the Falcons again, and all the former players that got CTE to BANKRUPT the NFL! Flatout! They ain’t got nothing else coming from me but smoke! Plus! Aint ya’lls man Shawn Carter the uppitty negro that say we were “past the issue” in the meeting with Goddell?

But where he at for this? I hate it here.

#LifeOnTheRun #BunkerGate #EverythingIsClosed #ThePresidentIsMissing #ThisIsNotThePlan #ThereIsNoPlan #IHopeYouKnowThereIsNoPlan #TricksAndTraps #WhereIsMorpheus

The Mad Titan had protesters tear gassed, a fence put around his house, and took a photo op with a Bible across the street. The Mad Titan called the protesters “terrorists”. And yet, this man that talks more isht than CA$H Money Clique takin’ over for the ’99 and 2000, is hiding in a bunker! A bunker!

In the middle of a pandemic he has no plan to lead through.

In the middle of social unrest that he has no plan to guide through.

Holding a book that he doesn’t read.

In front of a building he doesn’t go in.

I cannot tell you the level of Lex Luthor supervillian we have now reached. And how Congress are the clueless, trusting people of Metropolis, and how the WORLD has to rally together to destroy all the kryptonite and be Superman! Then, let me say this–KEEP FIGHTING! WE ARE NOT GONE DIE TO BE FODDER FOR THIS HELL BREATHED CHESS GAME!


This week proves once more and again White supremacy is a common enemy and it will take–literally–the whole world to fight! It will take those who see oppression, evil and indifference to help to stop it. We will not get out of this without working together, let us continue to fight. Avengers Assemble! #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor #GeorgeLloyd

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