Speaking To The King In You

To My Dearest Male Torches:

I want you to know the future, is not the future without you. I want you to remember that the world around you, don’t know who you are, and doesn’t always know how to handle you. With that said, let me remind you to put on your crown–and never take it off again.


I want you to know that you have all within you to be great, do great, and be great in the world. We need you to be great in the world! Yes, we as women can do a myriad of things. The gospel according to Beyonce’ says we as women are ‘strong enough to bare the children and get back to business.’ I know there are those women that don’t want a man in their life; there are some that never want a husband again, or want to keep the one they have! But what I need you to know is there are still women that believe in the dream, man!

There are some women that want the person to meet them on equal footing, matching passion and money and resources–and want the promise of growing old with someone! I also know there are some of you–yes, you!–that want the dream of loving one woman.

Of spoiling her.

Loving her.

Growing old through this life with her.

You are worthy of dreaming, King. You are worthy of remembering you have a heart, and desires, and thinking beyond the need to fulfill phallus antics! I have come to remind you to dream–again.

I need you to close your eyes and tell me what you see. I want your heart to speak before doubt chokes it. Today, I speak to the King in you. The part of you that dreams, the commands the world around him, that sees what needs to happen—and will do it.

I remind you that you are able to do all you see–and will see all you do—but you must believe it first.

Believe again, King.

Dream again, King.

Love again, King.

The world is waiting on you.

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