What a week! Ain’t no snappy intro, Torches. Let’s just get it.

#CardiB #Divorce #OffSetIsOffSetForReal #HealthyRelationships #SMH #IKnewIt #IKnewItWouldn’tLast #Relationships #PrayForCardi #ForKulture

I knew Offset wasn’t about anything. As a DV survivor, I was triggered by how he walked up on Cardi on stage the first time they broke up! It’s not that he missed her, its not that he loved her, he missed access to her. As I have said, more than once, sex doesn’t fix anything. Even people that hate each other can get laid! That is not a skill–it’s a natural proclivity! The three urges all human beings are hunger, thirst and sex! Flat out. So now, people want to come for her saying that her WAP couldn’t keep is PEEN. Let me help you: he couldn’t keep his PEEN out of other people’s WAP! I am GLAD that she filed. I am glad she has her own money! I am glad she left before Kulture was old enough to notice just how toxic life is–even with money! Keep going, Cardi. Keep going.

#COVIDVaccine #CDC #WearAMask #Pandemic #200ThousandPeople #HowLong #HowMany #Why #ThisIsNotHowScienceWorks #MasksStillWork

Wear you mask.

The vaccine is not coming as fast as the White Supremacist Liar said–because at first he denied it even existed!


As of this posting: 200,000 people have died.

For scale, there are towns in Missouri that have less than 200,000 people. a few of them are Cuba, Mexico, Herculaneum and Popular Bluff. St. Louis is about 500,000. This virus has wiped out half of St. Louis. or at least 4 small towns!

The leader of the CDC said–under oath!–that is the nation would ALL wear masks we could get this under control in 12-16 weeks. How long is that? Three to four months. This nation is…lead by immature monsters and fueled by pied piper idiots! Just…

Plus, why do y’all now want a vaccine for something originally touted as a ‘Democratic talking point’ or a ‘liberal hoax’? Science works outside of your opinion. Two people died of Ebola when President Obama was in office. TWO.

This bastard? Two hundred thousand people…you cannot make the insanity of white supremacy powered by idiocy up.

#RGB #SCOTUS #ThisIsBad #ICannot #Trash #WhenIsElectionDay #46Days #SaveTheSCOTUS #SaveDemocracy #NotoriousRBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. At 87.

All I wanted was for her not to die.

King Turtle said as of this posting the Senate will take a vote for the next SCOTUS pick.

She’s not even cold yet.

Am I shocked? Not at all. Am I appalled? Nope.

I hope the Democrats gather like the Avengers and stop this! They need to act up and give all the smoke McConnell did about President Obama’s (stolen) SCOTUS pick Merrick Garland! And I hope the people of Kentucky get wise. Why? Mitch McConnell would watch them all die…and count the money ‘saved’. Funny, they can’t vote for this stimulus money to help the folk fighting to live, feed kids and pay rent–but they can bulldoze all that to get this seat filled. Rotten sons of…

As I end this week, remember: CHOOSE YOU, TORCHES.

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