To And For The Torches

Dear Tribe:

I know that I have been MIA, and you all haven’t seen my opinions about the lastest thing that are going on in the world. As prolific as I am, Mother Firestarter was…tired. My heart was broken. And even for a moment–just a moment? I thought about abandoning this platform.

It all go to be too much. Everything was too much.

I needed to rest. I needed to recalibrate. I needed to find the light…for me.

Light. Heat. Smoke.

These are the things that make a Torch! These are the things that make a Firestarter!

I am going to become more cognizant of what it means to take my own advice: to rest, be around people that love me, and to remember I am only one person. I get the same 24 hours as anyone else. And for that, I am still grateful.

Now, let me catch up.

With Love & Light,

JBHarris, Founder & Administrator-The Ideal Firestarter

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