The Fight For Life-Part 1 (Reconciliation)

One thing I have learned as the daughter of a Black man, is this how easy it has become to make space for Black men in my life. Whether they are adopted father figures, cousins, uncles, nephews through social media—I am constantly room for Black men in my life!

And for that cause I advocate, I love, I celebrate—I maintain space. In keeping space, in keeping this silent, solemn vow, I have decided to that Black men matter–and I will love them even when they don’t love themselves. In this fight for life, liberty and happiness, have decided to be a place of rest for the men that look like my father.

And like my father, I understand that Black men are more than providers, more than cash opportunities, and even Superman gets tired! Love requires accountability–inspires conversation, and…builds. What I want the Black men in my life to know is they are valuable. They are seen, and they matter.

In this fight for life, Black men need to be seen–just as Black women do. We need you all–fathers, father figures, brothers, cousins, husbands, nephews–we need you. We need you.

We need you to not give up on us.

We need you to not give up on yourselves.

We need you understand that quitting is not King behavior. That the life you deserve can be had, even if you have to work for it.

So, let us get to work.

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