I promise you 2021 is becoming a sequel to a bad B-movie! From being obstinate ignorance on the right as a relates to vaccinations, to just putting head in the sand like an ostrich over racism and just rampant stupidity, I don’t know which is worse! But we soldier on anyway, Torches!

Let’s get it!

#MedicalJimCrow #TuckerCarlson #Pandemic #History #OffBase #IHateItHere

So, the stupidity in human form known as it’s tTucker Carlson fixed his mouth—which only to repeat lies and bullshit—decided to say that the treatment of people choose not to be vaccinated is a kin to “medical Jim Crow“.

Now, I don’t even have time, space, or energy to truly decimate that level of bullshit. Bur I will I will remind you, Torches, till two review the 1619 Project by Nicole Hannah Jones. And I believe it is Episode Two or Three of this podcast, that talks about what real medical racism is. What these White, unvaccinated people are experiencing is the result of capitalism—fueled by science!

I still have to say this: if you still need to the prescription level strength of bullshit to get through your day by a man who won a defamation lawsuit by by saying his show is not meant to be informative, but entertaining? You deserve everything you get.

#Vaccinations #YellowStars #hatwrksnashvilleOnIG WHET #History #HistoryRepeating

So, I saw a woman on TikTok who created a Star of David with the words ‘not vaccinated’ on it. The older I get, being in this nation, the more I realize just the amount of hubris white supremacy has. And how fragile it is! To the point that you were appropriate a symbol, or an emblem, that was associated with death because of your religion to make a point as to whether weather you choose to take a vaccine which might save your life, and the lives of people around you.

At this point, if you choose not to take the vaccine? That’s fine. But I understand, fall and winter are coming. And this flu season may be something that we have never seen before! And your little pity parties, tantrums in stores, and strange antics as a relates to the vaccine, are not going to be useful.

If people knew exactly what it meant to wear a yellow star – – who am I kidding? They might do it anyway.

#CRT #CriticalRaceTheory #Racism #History #Education #EducationVIgnorance #WarForSouls

Shameless plug: follow @cfstory on TikTok. More about HER in August.

They were the virus video of her crying white woman saying and I quote, “Just because I do not want critical race theory talk to my children in schools, does not mean I am a racist dammit!“

The Daughters of the Confederacy are a wholeass demonic triad! And I don’t care who gets offended about that. Their main intention and job was to change an entire narrative around war who is basis was with whether or not you can on people!

The fact that we can’t have a conversation about race, white supremacy, white fragility, and now with a cherry on top Critical Race Theory? Allows me to truly understand where I am in this country is a Black woman.

I am convenient when I’m not heard.

I am less dangerous when I don’t understand the game that I’m in.

Critical Race Theory is important because it shows in detail just how insidious white supremacy is and to counteract it! If you are not a racist, wouldn’t you want your children also to know how not to be racist?

It’s a simple question. But because racism is tied to capitalism – – and we know White people benefit most from capitalism – – but will they stop something at a cash cow? You see if they do the cotton and sugar…

But it’s black children can experience racism as early as four and five, why can’t why children learn and know how not to be racist at four and five? I’ll wait.

See y’all next week!

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