Reproductive Justice In An Unjust World

The one thing I like about reproductive justice is how complex it is, along with the visibility that it offers! Women are dynamic and complex beings! We need a lot! We need resources men don’t need, support men don’t understand and the wherewithal to exercise our own autonomy!

Autonomy grants women the right to be themselves, make decisions, and not be degraded or shamed for decision they have made which may not have granted us desired outcomes! Reproductive justice grants women be human.

Human beings a messy, beautiful, charismatic, problematic creatures. Women even moreso! We need space to breathe, be, try, mess up, miss, achieve, build and rebuild! In the messy processes that make up the human experience, women need access and resources! No matter the status or age in a woman’s life, she will need access to things which will make her life better and smoother!

From the teenage mom that dreams of being a doctor, to the retired housekeepers who need hips replacements, to the aging women in skilled nursing facilities who need a safe place to rest, recover and live out their days. Justice has neither limits or time constraints! Justice is a moving target as well as a destination–time moves the goal posts and justice has to adjust to chase after it.

The time is now to support, help and empower women!

This is not the time to be a Handmaiden.

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