Our Love Letter To Brittany: Shero, Scholar, Trailblazer

This is another reminder to support HONOR BLACK BIRTH. Thank you.

Dearest Brittany,

We are proud of you.

Thank you for making activism accessible, and for putting yourself in rooms we never knew existed. Thank you for carrying us in your heart, your spirit and in the waking power of all that you do to make the world a little better than what it was. Thank you for seeing us. Thank you for hearing us!

The danger of the intersection of Blackness and medicine is always Black women being believed. Black women having access to these rooms, to information–and people!–whom are life-saving! Thank you for being voice, vessel and interferer of and for those that practice medical racism rather than the healing arts of nursing and medicine.

Thank you for being whom you are–unapologetic and present. Thank you for your heart, even when it has broken with the weight of what you have both witnessed and endured. Take heart, sis! We see you! We support you! We are cheering for you and know this is only the beginning.

Since it is the beginning for you, so shall it be for us. Black women are superheroes, yes, but human beneath all of it. Thank you for being both. May God bless and enrich you, may doors fly open to meet your ever need, and may you edges be as full as all possibilities presented and created.

Thank you for bringing light, heat, and smoke to these intimate needs of Black women. You indeed are a Torch.


Black Women–Now and Always

[image taken from HonorBlackBirth. org]

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