August Is For Activism: The Power of Ms. Magoo (@ms.magoo)

Ms. Magoo on TikTok is a personal shero.

This space is pro-education, pro-teacher, and pro-critical thinking. With that said, I am a fan of Ms. Magoo (the indomitable Megan), not because she is a teacher–but she is an educator.

And I am here for her. HERE FOR HER!

What I need you all to understand how dynamic this is! She is a White woman, in Iowa, that wants ALL of history taught! Why? She has students in her classroom whom need to feel represented! The fact that she is holding space in her classroom, and is this passionate about educating, advocating for all of her students?



I actually stumbled on her account thanks to the magic algorithm of the For You Page! I was taken in by her passion, her dedication, and her willingness to speak out for all of her students! Her willingness–yes, the audacity even!–to speak up for her minority students! This, this right here?! This is how you use your privilege! This is how you advocate! This is how you tell Black children that their lives matter! This is how you tell Black children that they are seen–as well as heard.

Education requires commitment and advocacy. Ms. Magoo has that. Follow her. Support her.

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