This space loves Megan Jovon Ruth Pete and Melissa Viviane Jefferson–known to the world as Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo, respectfully. With that said, Lizzo is beautiful, talented and visible.

And that is what is killing people! Lizzo is not hiding anything that is doing! Whether that be food, body or sexuality! And with her single Rumors with Cardi B? The trolling has kicked up again. And I don’t understand why? I really don’t! Black people, as much as I love us ALL, we can be so problematic!

Calling her a Mammy, digging her weight, mad that she’s winning? Make this all make sense?! I remember she shut down her IG before, and her Twitter because of trolling! Plus, its the same dudes that say they would never date a ‘big girl’ but would slide in a DM quick as lightning flashes!

Let Black women–regardless of their size!–WIN!


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