August Is For Activism: The History-Teaching Cousin, CF Story

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I am a fan of CF Story.

I am a fan of her brilliance, her Blackness, and her tendency to start conversations. I respect her as an educator, and her TBR list is never ending. One of the reasons why her activism her so profound is because she, too, is an educator.

From New Orleans.

And pulls no punches. One of her favorite sayings is, “Primary sources, secondary sources, never imaginary sources.” She is relatable, thought-provoking, and solidly on the side of Blackness and Black people. One of things that make me respect her is her willingness to research, present said research, and to expound on it through open dialogue. It is this dialogue, it is this space, that allows me to celebrate all that she does on her platform!

I mean, who else but a Black woman, a Black woman whom is an educator, who happens to be knowledgeable about history with its effects on Blackness, could do what she does! Since history is a narrative written with a goal in mind–which isn’t always education or information–it would stand to reason that to know more about history, you need narratives from someone not apart of the making of the master narrative to tell you what else truly happened! This can only be when you have two things: willingness and information.

Educators like CF Story are needed and necessary because history unchallenged, one-sided, is propaganda. This is why you need the whole (colorful) story.

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