August Is For Activism-This Life Of Malala Yousafzai

Note: I am a woman of faith, doing my best to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ. With that said, I believe that Malala’s story is incredible, worth noting, and the fact that she is a Muslim woman doing this powerful work–it cannot be ignored! God bless, Malala–and may He protect and provide for her. -JBHarris

Malala Yousafzai is…incredible.

I heard of her through the powerful, dynamic Jahaira DeAlto (Rest In Power, Sister) and her YouTube channel. As of this posting, US involvement with Afghanistan is now ending–after 20 years. I remember Jah speaking about her, and then hearing she was shot.

In the head. Almost dying. Why is this you ask?

Malala was advocating for the education of women and girls in Pakistan–under the violent protest of the Taliban. This former permutation of the Taliban that wanted women to veil, wear, burkas, but most importantly–or dastardly!–wanted women and girls to be (or remain uneducated). Malala was advocating for the education of Pakistani woman an girls. For this cause, the Taliban in Pakistan tried to kill her.

And failed.

I remember that Jahaira reported this on her YouTube Channel, and that she was (at that time) in a coma. In this space between life and death, Jahaira had pleaded that all of us, her Substastics, pray for Malala. I remember praying for her–willing my faith be a deciding factor in helping to wake her up. Days later, she woke up! The title of the video (and it is still up) is called, “Malala Yousafazi Is Awake!” And with that new wind, she has been an advocate for Muslim women and girls in this volatile part of the world.

In the wake of this shift in the geopolitical playing field, we cannot forget her work. We cannot ignore the humanitarian crisis that is brewing, and Malala cannot do this work alone! I still cannot believe she was almost murdered, God restored her, and she has been changing the world ever since!

In the New York Times article linked, Malala’s voice is still resolute–filled with promise and apprehension. Like most activists’ voices are and have. It is a reminder, to keep fighting; the support women and girls need is essential in this part of the world! We cannot abandon them. We cannot be ignorant of them.

Oppression needs to be fought even if their is an ocean in between the women fighting it.

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