The MyPillow Man is a scammer, children are dying in Mississippi, more Wypipo are saying they are nastier than the bottom of farmer boots, Scarlet Johansson’s bag is half empty, and after 20 years, the United States have left Afghanistan. What a week! Here we go!

Let’s get it!

#Wars #Profit #Soliders #Why #20years #DontBlameBiden #BuckStopsHere #WhoWasGonDoIt #HereWeAre #ThereItGo #StopWarsForProfit

When the US first invaded Afghanistan, I was 20. I was in a bad relationship, working a horrible job, and had no children. Now, I am a twice-divorced mother of two, and 20 years older. I need you all to know that this is not President Biden’s fault! It isn’t! That same President Bush that admitted doing coke, being a C student, the son of the same naval pilot George H.W. Bush who was shot down? Oh, this is his fault! That same W that held Michelle Obama’s hand and pretended to feel God when he touched her–Black women are divine, so I’m sure he felt something!–this is his fault! He drug the United States military to a land to chase Saddam Hussein and find Osama bin-Laden! Man! President Biden made the BEST decision between two hellish ones! I can’t be mad at him. It was time for the troops to come home, because they never should have been told to go! Y’all see how Orange Thanos did the NATION with COVID! Do you really think, did you really think that he was going to do the right thing about this–which does not immediately concern him? Man, look. Miss me!

#HowLong #VaccinesWork #ScienceMatters #WhatIsWrongWithYall #ThereIsMoreToThisThanWhatYouThink #ImTired #IAmExhausted #QuitPlayingWithThis #MaskUpOrHushUp

I need you to know that a 12-year-old Black child has died in Mississippi this week. In an ICU. From COVID-19. She was 13. She was in 8th grade. I am going to say this:

I am tired of seeing people die, and scream at other grown people for what they need to do. As one that worked in healthcare, medical racism still exists! IT STILL EXISTS! As one that worked in direct care, I know that certain white nurses when taking care of Black patients can see us as demanding and can give subpar care–from pain medicine on! I need you all to understand that people are running out sedation medication, oxygen and beds! And real talk: DO YOU NOT THINK THAT CERTAIN HOSPITALS WON’T LOOK OVER NON-WHITE PEOPLE TO GIVE WHITE PEOPLE A BED?! I need, I am begging you all, to think about the time were are in! I am beginning you all to pay attention! I understand that some people don’t want to be seen as ;Guinea pigs’ and you’re ‘trusting God’. Let me tell you this–there are casual things each and every one of us do daily that isn’t FDA approved, illegal and God-disapproved, but we do anyway! But if there be a chance to preserve your life, and you refuse that, but y’all still out here smashing raw when AIDS still don’t have a cure?! Okay.

Vaccinate this kids. VACCINATE THESE KIDS! At this point: MASK UP OR SHUT UP.

If you can’t handle wearing a mask, you gone really hate a coffin. I said what I said!

#Nasty #SoapAndWater #WhoDirty #WhyAdmitThis #Wypipo #WhoSavage #ICannot #Just #TowelsShowersTubs #UseThemAll

Who told all these nasty famous people to tell us WHY they are nasty? Like WHO?! What kinda madness is this, yo! Like, I teach my daughters that they need to wash their bodies–basic hygiene is that! How basic is it to wash your face, wash your @$$ and get int he tub? I mean, my maternal grandmother put a capful of Lysol concentrate in our bathwater in the winter to make sure we didn’t get sick (spoiler: we didn’t)! Like?! But this generational lie of non-White people being nasty is the biggest white supremist lie EVER UTTERED! EVER!

From our hair, to our skin, to how we take care of both–called DIRTY! But we know now–in the whole public!–that some of y’all? SOME OF YALL?! Soap, water, a tub and your whole body have never been in the same place at one time. My sister CF Story is at fault for this somehow! Wanna know why? That conversation about bonnets, lead to baths, which lead to this! See what happens when Black women shed light on stuff?! ALL THINGS THAT NEED TO BE SEEN, ARE SEEN–IN 4K!

We gon make it, y’all keep going. #MaskUpOrShutUp

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