The Activist Loveletter

Dear Activist:

This is going to be hard. The work you are going to do, desire to do, is going to be hard. But, it is not impossible. Read it again: IT IS NOT GOING TO BE IMPOSSIBLE. As one that has been on the ground of trying to change the world, believes that the world can change, I want to remember four things as you work:

1.) Find. The world is a big place! It is vast and easily able to swallow you whole! But let me give you the wisdom of Dr. Angela Y. Davis: “One must do the work, regardless of the condition.” Read it again. Again. There is a work you can do, that you should do, and you will be powerful in doing.

Find something to do–and do it.

2.) Believe. This is going to be your rocket fuel! The investment is the cost of activism. Investment, anything that you invest in, you believe in. The cause you have found, or even if you have started has to be fueled by your belief in it! What I want you to remember this: NO CAUSE IS SMALL. Not a one! If you believe in it–watch who will support them.

3.) Support. This one is tricky because it is two-fold. Support a cause that it you believe in, and that you know is, will change the world. With this cause, follow it on social media; talk to other people about it; show up in person and be present in that space.

Support with time! Support with money! The money that is given or asked for should further the cause. Do no be afraid to ask what the money is for, or even why they are asking for it. If there is a website, check it! Sign up for email alerts or newsletters! If you don’t believe in the cause, don’t put your money in it or towards it.

4.) Rest. With all that is needed and necessary to do this work, make time to take care of you. Make time to rest, to step away, and to take care of yourself. Even in war, there are times in which you are allowed to rest. Make time to readjust, to reset and readjust if it needed and necessary. If you don’t rest, you will burn out. Even Torches have to be re-lit.

God be with you—and He will always show up to, with and for you. Go and change the world.

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