Things Scarier Than Being Black: Disconnection Notices

I remember the first time I got a disconnection notice.

I remember I was grown, with a husband that acted more like a child and he had no idea what to do! I remember how panicked he was, and how calm I had to stay. This was to be the barometer and parameters of our relationship. I had to raise him.

But that is another tale…for a better time. With wine.

But I remember the fear I had of this little piece of paper with my name on it! Like, could they really put me in the DARK if I didn’t pay this?! I remember growing up that I never saw these. I don’t remember ever seeing a notice like this–but now that I am an adult?

It makes me wonder what I missed!

It makes me wonder exactly what it took to take care of me and my siblings.

It was that fear of not being able to take care of myself that was –life changing!

At that point, I had just learned about credit (mine was horrible at that point! Thanks college!), and the ex didn’t know how to put a bill in his name! So, here we are–in love, barely 25, and don’t know what to do about a high bill!

It–to this day!–is one of the scariest things in the world. Especially, with kids, the fear of not being able to make sure your kids can turn on lights, and you can make dinner? Or having to scrape up or borrow the disconnect amount in order to make it happen (trust me, I’ve DONE IT)?!

That’s a whole different monster there, Torches.

Y’all be safe out there.

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