Facebook and Instagram went down this week (not problematic Tiktok though!), There are 12 people that got the MacArthur Genius Grant, the scariest thing on LoveCraft Country is still white people, and what IS Mark Zuckerberg hiding?

Let’s get it!

#FacebookIsTheFeds #FacebookWhistleblower # FrancesHaugen #SocialMedia #TheMoviesTriedToTellYou #ArtImitatesLife #ThisIsWhatTheyDo #HereWeGo #ZuckerbergIsACollegeDropOutAlmostFelon

France Haugen needs a school and multiple–MULTIPLE!–college ethics classes taught by and about her! This woman…this woman right here? Bruh! She proved that everything that we whispered about Facebook being the Feds, being a hotbed of fascism, racism and craziness, is correct!

And she copied it! She made COPIES of this, and y’all don’t find it odd that Facebook goes down the week she exposes everything that small, lipless racist sympathizer knew!

Man, I have watched enough Casino, Godfather (I-III), and Godfellas to know we are at the part of the movie where the Feds start pulling kick doors! Nall! Get them like the Feds got the Panthers!

We ain’t forgot!

#FacebookIsDown #Mmhmm #WeKnewIt #TheyDidIt #TheyShredding #SeeThere #SeeTherePartDeux

Facebook is a criminal syndicate and they are scared now that Frances told everything and messed up the church’s money.

Protect Frances at all costs.

#MacArthurGeniusGrants #BlackArtMatters #WeSeeYou #TheArts #KeepPushing #Create #CreateSpace #BlackTakesUpSpace

The news of these MacArthur Genius grants this week made my heart so happy! Ten of the twelve people that got this grant–this $625,000 grant!–all Black.


From dancers, essayists, poets, writers—yes! It is proof and a reminder that Black people do everything, and our creativity is a power in and of itself. It is a reminder to keep going…it is needed!

See y’all next week!

Remember–being Black is lit, and not everybody can be it.

See y’all next week!

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