Things Scarier Than Being Black: Overdraft Fees

I got my first bank account through Bank of America when I was about 19. I had no idea of what I was doing. I had no idea about credit, getting credit, or saving. I knew what a checking account was supposed to do. I knew how to balance it, and how to write a check. But, I was banking at Bank of America when they were tagging their customers for everything!

That institution would take out debits before you would ever be able to add money to it! You would constantly be in the hole! I had overdraft fees so tough that it was the amount of rent! What do you do with that? You still need to live, you still need to do what you have to do, but who can get ahead with and from that? I have had paychecks that I didn’t even halfway see because of it. And this isn’t from being irresponsible, this is just how devious banking was!

How do you keep your head above water, when they keep adding water!

This is when I got into payday loans, bounced checks, and prepaid debit cards! These underground economies (as it is known in sociology) forces us to try and do something else because something else is not available. Even now, with the serge of online banking, I still get scared when I haven’t seen checks clear.

And will still fight over a NSF fee.

Send help, Lord. I’m trying to do better.

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