Things Scarier Than Being Black: Being Late To Movies After They Start

I’m a writer.

I actually dislike being late to things.

Especially, with movies. It’s the artist in me. I think the basic respect is to be on time for a fellow artist. I have never liked the feeling of appearing late to things. I didn’t like the eyes on me. I didn’t like being the center of attention when I didn’t have to be, Call it having an artistic level of FOMO.

I think that when you are late to something that is supposed to start at a particular time, it is incredibly disrespectful. So, when I have things that I have to appear for, show up at, support, I do my best to be there!

The fear in every artist (I think) is that no one will support their work. That everyone whom has seen their project, heard of it, or will read it that they won’t appreciate, understand or like it. Artists are sensitive! We create and we want everyone to love it because we love it, and when people don’t love it, we don’t create.

An artist that doesn’t create is one that is obviously two things: scared or discouraged. These things are both rooted in fear. So for the sake of art (and my own proclivity to self-sabotage!) I want to make the movies on time–even if I have to speed a little to get there.

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