What is going on this week?!

From Daddy’s Girl Cult on TikTok, Love almost killed Joe on YOU, TikTok is still as racist as it’s ever been, people still won’t be vaccinated, the MOTHERS FOR LIBERTY really just want to be the DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY, and Halloween is on a Sunday! Whew! Father God, take the car payment and Jesus take the wheel!

Let’s get it!

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I am a fan of Caroline Kepnes.

I truly am!

I came to know who Joe was through a former paramour. I loved the show! And since I loved the show, I read the books (albeit read them out of order, but read them nonetheless). Caroline Kepnes has a wicked imagination, and that is a gleeful ride! The thing that I love about her imagination is that it twists so quickly! But enough of that.

Here again, I find myself cheering for Joe, and running from him at the same time! Once again, I was invested, I was scared, and I had to see it through, Torches! The way this show has us all in a chokehold?! Man! And Caroline Kepnes has not said there will be another book (CHILE, HOW?!). But–to be honest–I LOVED this season! It was a balance of revenge, wrap up, and ‘oh they did this!’ all at once.

Man…but the streets are saying there is a Season 4. So, we will see.

#Racism #AintYallTired #MomsOfTheConfederacy #MomsOfLiberty #History #ActionsAndWords #ThisIsTheTwilightZone #TellTheTruthAndShameTheDevils

First things first, follow @colorfullstory on IG.

Next, these Klansman granddaughters have lost their minds! From the Female KKK to the Daughters of the Confederacy to the Moms For Liberty! It’s the same sheets on a different monster! They are so scared to teach accurate history, that you will hide it from the world, believing that no one will read it–or find it! How, Jane? How, Karen?

Sure, Jan.

The biggest reason they (read: racist White people) don’t want accurate history taught it is because they don’t want to be shown in any other light which depicts them as anything less than ‘good.’


We will not be silent. We are not going away! We are not going to be good, docile Negroes. It ain’t in us to do.

#GunControl #SelfControl #KyleTheTerrorist #DoNotAcquitHim #LockHimUp

Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer.

He is a murderer.

He killed 2 people.

His mother raised a murderer.

Lock her up too.

This is why people love Joe Goldberg.

See y’all next week!

Note: Bare with me as I catch things up over here. #KeepGoingTorches

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