Thanksgiving: Thankful For The Us


The colonized nature of this ‘holiday’ is not lost on me. With all that I have found out about the real Thanksgiving, the real massacres that occurred, and the real nature of whiteness to hide everything that would be color, I choose to celebrate this holiday from this perspective:

Being thankful for the people in my life. The ones that I have learned from, will learn from, and those that come into my life to impart wisdom. This is what I am grateful for.

It is this willingness that I have now to be grateful no matter what space that I am in, and honor those that made me being in that space possible.

This year? I am grateful for a new job and my best friend that believed that I could do it! I am grateful for the family I have made over my year being on the problematic clock app! I am also thankful to the Native/Indigenous family that have embraced me, challenged me and teach when they don’t have to.

I am grateful that there are still rooms yet to build, and doors to leave open…and I am grateful that I am not the only one whom will go through them. I am grateful…even when it’s hard, to be the first.

That means I won’t have to be the last…

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