Start date:  August 31, 2019

Opening Budget:  $500

Bank:  One United Bank

(Monies independent of TIFS bank account$)

2019 Sponsorships:  5 (BUDGET: $500)

2 Art ($100 each)

2 Academic ($100 each)

1 Emergency ($100 each)

Every calendar year this will double.

2020 Sponsorships:  10 (BUDGET: $1000)

4 Art ($100 each)

4 Academic ($100 each)

2 Emergency ($100 each)

Emergency Sponsorships are dispersed on the following basis:

An “emergency sponsorship” is given on the financial end of a situation. This includes but is not limited to job loss, family emergencies or any other situation which may compromise a family’s ability to pay for a specific class or academic need. 

  1. Criteria:

  2. Academic sponsorship:

(Academic testing (i.e.,ACT, SAT), college application fees, books or other fees.)

  1. Available to HS Sophomores-College Juniors 

       2.). GPA must be 2.8 and higher. (C+ to B-)

      3.) Application must be completed, along with         statement of need.

*Statement of need:  What is the money needed for?

B. Artistic sponsorship-

(Help for select supplies (i.e. ballet shoes, art supplies)

  1. Available to middle school/junior high school students.

  1. Grades will be considered in sponsorship as well. GPA still must be at minimum 2.8 (C+ to B-).

  2. Application must be completed, along with statement of need.

All questions can be sent to

Applications will be sent upon request, and statement of need must be completed.

II.  Distribution: 

Monies will be sent via check or electronic payment

(CashApp, PayPal) within 2-4 weeks of application.

Receipt will be sent to email on file.

III. Funding thoughts/brainstorming 

Account will be at One United Bank.

Funding will be through private donations and funds from other TIFS sponsored projects.