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Imma need The Avengers to assemble because I am convinced #45 is in league with Thanatos and trying to take over the world! The White Wolf (Robert Mueller) needs to Voltron assemble and form the Blazing Sword and come on here! #80sKid #GoogleIt

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Fire erre lass person IN the Financial Aid Office.


I touched on this LAST WEEK and THIS WEEK? I had to spotlight Tyrone Hankerson, Jr: law student, embezzler and coonin’ for the ‘Gram. I can’t. The #HUResist Movement started in response to the scandal involving the embezzling of members of the Howard University Financial Aid Office and a student worker Mr. Tyrone “I’m Only About To Sit At A Bar Not For It” Hankerson, Jr.

This week? Let’s focus on the students! The real victims in this are them! The only reason I couldn’t go to the college I wanted was BECAUSE THERE WAS NO MONEY TO GO!

The students are demanding the President of the University be fired, and are occupying the Administration Building until their demands are met.


My heart breaks for them. I’m angry and we deserve better! So people get to steal Fed Aid from people who look like them on the age of draining the swamp during the reign of Devos?! Just checking.

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Adoption is always an option, people in pro-life arenas say. There is no need to endure the shame of abortion, when adoption is an option. Now, where is the pro-life juggernaut for this? There are six children who are now dead because those charged with their care–haven’t/didn’t care for them. They drove them off a cliff into the infinity of the life beyond–because they could. They were just little black kids. Who would miss them?

To this posting, the remaining three of the six Hart children have not been found: Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16 and Sierra, 12. It can be assumed they may never be. But the religious conservative right has been MUM on this! Did they not deserve advocacy and their right to life as well? Or are only American white children are granted those two things simultaneously?

We have to do better, y’all. We just have to.

Dear First Husband

Dear Thomas*-

There was a quiet about you that I don’t think many people know or knew. Few people knew that you really wanted a house, some land and somewhere to fish. Few people really know that you never really wanted anything bad to ever happen to me, and to us, did you?

In this the summer of the 6th year of being divorced, I can honestly say I no longer hate you. Whatever man you decide to become, you will remain it at this point. The only thing that I have asked is that you decide what type of father you want your daughters to remember you as. However, in that forging of raising them, I have dared ask myself the following:

“How did it all go so left?”

In asking that, I have to take ownership of what I allowed my part to become. We were young, we were 22 and 25. Here, I should have let you grow up. I should have seen where your head was at, and how you could maintain in times of crisis. I should have listened to the hitches in my spirit and not the words or actions you exhibited. I wanted someone that would protect and love me always. I don’t think you were prepared to that at 22. I should not have expected you to do that.

I should have been honest with you about the things that bothered me, the Shadow Work I had yet to do. I didn’t know how to be a wife to anyone, and was just learning at 25.

When our first was born when I was 26, the anchor I needed dropped, and I needed more from you. I needed security, and structure and permission to build with you without you thinking that I was trying to take over everything. I did it, everything that I did, because it had to be done. I could not trust you.

I should have allowed you to be the man you needed to be and not make you into the man I wanted.

I’ll say it again:

I should have allowed you to be the man you needed to be and not make you into the man I wanted. And for that, I am sorry.

There are incidents that will remain cloaked in history because of the children we must care for, however, I should have acknowledged that you weren’t ready for anything I offered, tried to offer or gave. You just weren’t ready, and I tried to make you be the husband I needed you to be–and I didn’t even know what that was or would look like.


*For the sake of the children we share, I have chosen not to reveal his real name. I met him when I was 24. I thought he was sweet because he was quiet. I was used to all these loud people trying to vie for my attention. I gravitated to him because he offered quiet. For those that have really weathered a storm alone, you value quiet. Just be mindful of whom you get shelter from.