Future Projects

So good of you to look behind the curtain! I’m going amazing stuff over here, man!
I have my irons in quite a few fires, so not everything is ready–but like any good hostess, I can give you a preview.



Ruby (a novel)- release April 2018

#WriteLife -release Christmas 2017

Secret Life of Wives-May 2018

Windowless Rooms-October 2018


The Writer’s Block

(*This podcast will be once week, and is geared towards writers,  people whom love writers, lit nerds, and readers. The goal of the podcast will be encouragement, venting, and networking. There will even be author interviews! The awesomeness  will be hosted by me.)




HOOKED(the app): search for Jacqueline Riley

Current submissions:

Musicals (Parts 1-6)





*Make sure you watch for updates, dear ones! Thank you for your love and support!