Media Kit: Jennifer P. Harris

The Ideal Firestarter was created in December 2016. I am a freelance writer, freelance editor and indie author. I am a contributor to the following blogs:  Write To Live ( and Contemptor (  I have writing pieces featured in the compilation book by The Awakenings Project called The Awakenings Project: Writings (!

I am I enjoy reading, writing, traveling and a good Netflix binge. I am a married mother of two, living in St. Louis, Missouri. My goals in running The Ideal Firestarter are this platform be used to bring awareness to current events, social concerns with love and humor mixed in when needed. I believe as the blog grows, and its influence and presence increases, my contributors and I will be able to do just that!



Founder/Content Creator of The Ideal Firestarter-   Jennifer P. Harris


The theme of The Ideal Firestarter is to speak about the things most people whisper about, and to give space to be heard. That is the heartbeat of The Ideal Firestarter–to create space to be heard, and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.



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