A Wrinkle In Time makes a black girl shine. Go out and support Black Girl Magic! It is essential this movie be supported as well as BLACK PANTHER.  But here goes everything beloveds! Buckle up.

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So…the saga continues. Jemelle Hill has left ESPN and now Michael Smith has. In reviewing, Michael and Jemelle had hosted The6 (SC6) for over a year, and thanks to the added racism and sexism of Chris Berman,  it’s evident that since the passing of Stuart Scott, ESPN isn’t as clean and tolerant as we think they are.

As a sportsfan, as a black woman, as a writer, as the daughter of a football player (and my Daddy was a DITKA ERA FOOTBALL FAN!), I’m about over ESPN. Clearly, ESPN likes their negroes quiet and docile. Not boatrocking, not creative, not assertive, and not politically aware.  Clearly, that does not include Michael and Jemelle.

I wish Jemelle and Michael the best of luck going forward, the best life offers greet them. There is no reason left to watch ESPN now is Unc on Undisputed (NFL HOF Shannon Sharpe) get Skip together.

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This non-disclosure agreement is EVERYTHING! In the life of someone who thrives on words, their analysis and interpretation, something is afoot here, Watson! There is something to this! Granted, she took this first money ($130,000), but she coming for the rest of these bags, doe! From what The Rachel Maddow Show shared last night (3/8/2018)? Dude! There is something going on! Barron may have a sibling! You can’t tell me otherwise! You cannot tell me different! This bastard was messing around on Hoe-2, who just had a baby, with this woman, and JUST NOW she get this check cut not even 2 years ago?!


The game is afoot, and she smells money, power and influence. This is–nall. C’mon now! Think about this, y’all! Think! Why would she come out now, and then a year later say it’s not enough money. There are two reasons for this:

1.) MONEY. Stormy may have been/is a kept woman, and she came up on something that required some more money. For all the sexual antics he may have required? She gon need ‘adequate compensation’. And all she want is the rest of her ‘adequate compensation’.

2.)  A BABY. There was a phrase in the document that said ‘or paternity information’. Hmm. Of all the phrasing, why this one? If there is a baby, there may have been a lump sum given or agreed upon to help her raise this child–or did he pay for an abortion? B mad. I’m not the only one whom thought about it! Pay attention, y’all!

Pay attention.

Stay Woke, Firestarters! Stay woke. Critical thinking is still free.


The Roux

If you ask Google what a roux is, it will say it is a mixture of fat (usually butter) and flour that is used for making sauces.

Black women are the roux.

Our presence is a roux.

Our magic is our lore and myth.

We are an elemental part of what makes this nation what it is. From the first enslaved woman whom was captured from West Africa, and her mother that could do nothing but watch it happen. And to her descendants who taught her children the ways of white folks that they may live, to the foremother who fed her children with boiled leaves and meal with a egg she pocketed. And we and her grandchildren who fought to be free, read and vote…black women make history every time our eyes open.

From abolition to suffrage, to education to civil rights to integration to Black Lives Matter, there is a black woman, a black girl, a black woman was a girl, that knew the story and saw. There was a black woman whom organized, lead or survived.

We are the roux.

We are those that are alive and remain where and when the world tried to kill us all.

As long as I can trace my roots back to the flow of women before me, I know how deep my roots are and how far back they stretch. I know I have been Queen, slave, maid, doctor, spy, hero, villain(?), advocate, wife, widow and teacher.

As my life and present history stretch before me, I understand as I work and push accomplish, I add to this life and the life of my children. I will become the roux. I am the roux.

The Divine Feminine

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“If the black woman wasn’t made, she would have to be invented.”

-Nikki Giovanni

Black women are saged. There is no way around that or to explain it. There is an air to us that is no short than mystic, mythic and amazing. What we do, how we move, how we can be everything all at once keeps us formidable and the phenomenal women which Maya Angelou told us we were.

In this move towards the celebrating of women, especially during Women’s History Month, there can be no celebration of all women until all women are seen. Especially women of color! For the better part of the history of this nation, there have been women of color in the background, in the forefront, and on the sidelines of every major movement which has defined this nation. From Deborah Simpson in the Revolutionary War, to Harriet Tubman  whom was a Union army spy and nurse (when she wasn’t being a superhero!), to Mary Cady Shadd whom helped Susan B. Anthony argue the cause for women’s sufferage, to Mary McCleod-Bethune whom founded what is now known as Bethune-Cookman College in Florida.

Black women, women of color, are no stranger to adversity and making a way out of it. We does these things, ma’am and sir. We are experts in making out of whole cloth, and making the cloth when none is available.

I honor the black women in life, sung and unsung. I honor the women in my life and line that loved, lived and imparted to the next woman whom would be a grandmother to my grandmother whose shoulders I stand. I honor them. I remember them. I write for them, and the ones to come behind me.

I am a black woman, beautiful and unapologetic. I am here to take over.


Activism is not a trend, but it is trending. Sometimes the identity of being an activist conflicts with the spheres you encounter in the outside world.

What I have encountered and seen while doing woke work is the need to network, focus on the greater goals and objectives at hand. I have seen opportunities be birthed from the sheer volume of work to be done. As a shero I quote often says (Brittany Ferrell), “There is more than enough work to do.”

Woke work should inspire you to create, voice opinions and work with the like-minded for a goal, for progress, not for personal gain. The notoriety which comes from doing woke work allows spotlight on certain aspects of whatever movement you are in. It should create space for change and conversation. Woke work provokes and evokes! It supposed to! When you discover something askew in your world, you must address it. You are no longer immune or indifferent, ergo you are woke!

Now, working while woke?


Working while woke involves you being able to tightrope with a low net. A low, low net. The problem with working while woke is the politics is the environment you are in. You have to be able to maintain dual identities of employee and activist/influencer.

Case in point? I work for a local staffing agency, and I was at a hospital on a contracted assignment. One of the nurses on schedule that day said she would rather have Drumpf as president than Hilary. Her reason was she couldn’t trust Hilary.

Now, she doesn’t know about the work I do with my husband about trying to get people registered to vote, my dedication to social justice, my vehement palpable opposition to a sexist evil bigot running the free world and how I think 53% of White women fucked us up?

But I was at work. I don’t sign my own check (yet) and the hardest thing to do was to be quiet —when I wanted to cuss and slap people and throw things. Being woke at work, and a minority, involves a level of composure I’m sure my mother and grandmother’s generation had to develop!

You have to know when to maneuver, when to speak, and how to buss folk in the head with head with these hot rapid fire facts. At my last job at Saint Louis University Hospital I had to let this X-Ray tech have it. Why? I felt he was wrong and needed to know why.

As soon as he opened the door to his privilege, I drop kicked it open. Again, you have to know your environment (I worked on a heart floor, mostly women, and liberal), and knew how to navigate (we all talked politics and saw the election results in real time in November 2016), and I seized my opportunity to read…and when to stop.

The work, the movement, your passions don’t stop because you work for people! You have to make it work for you, dear ones.

You cannot win every battle–the goal is to win the war. You do that by strategy.

Consider the work.

Know where you work.

Do the work.



Happy Friday!

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At last report, in less than 3 weeks, BLACK PANTHER has brought in almost/over $700 billion dollars. Bruh. BRUH. As a writer, and a woman of color and a woman of color who is a writer, my heart is so happy. It is so so happy. There is something about representation of people that look like you just reassures you that maybe I can be great too!

I hope this movie inspires children of color. I hope this movie keeps its icon status (I pray that Chadwick Boseman doesn’t get caught up on shenanigans! I’m so serious.). I hope this movie reminds black children of their greatness—when world outside is determined to strip it from them.

There have been then live feeds on social media and critiques of the movie which are valid as far as representation and the Easter eggs laid, and that’s fine. I’m of the mindset of Clint Hill who I follow on Twitter: “It would be nice to have a black film be made without having to solve all societies ills.”

I said it.

The next great black movie, y’all can write.

#WomensHistoryMonth #BlackWomen #WeDoesThis #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlMagicIsNotFree #Conjurers #Power #DivinineFeminine #MakeHERStory

It almost seems right that March is Women’s History Month. It almost seems fair that there be 31 days to celebrate the remarkable history of women.

This year feels that much more special because of the aura surrounding black women right now. The POWER RISING 18 summit, through the mouth of the oracle Dr. Tracey Blackmon told the world, “Our magic is no longer free.”


Black women are amazing and when the world is rolling off the rails, we assemble like The Avengers, slaying like the Dora Milaje. We DO the things that make other women believe black women are goddesses! And we are so fly, we are remembering this again…we are remembering our worth, cultivating our ideas and power, and the best thing? We’re rebuilding and our daughters see it.

We are making history our of HERstory.

#NRA #NOREASONALLOWED #NeedReformASAP #WalkAndChewGum #LivesMatterEspeciallyBlackOnes #HumanizeBlackness #PUSH #ThisIsDeep #ThisIsEpic #GunLobbyWrappedInWhiteSupremacy

At some point, this nation will grow up. I don’t know when or if it will be in my lifetime. What this nation has shown since this latest school shooting in Florida happened last month is not even the white kids matter anymore.

They are just preferred.

I can respect the advocacy and push towards reform of gun laws, while side eyeing their supporters whom said all that happened Ferguson, MO were riots. I can wish for the dismantling of the stranglehold the NRA has on this nation, be a staunch advocate of prison reform, criminal justice reform and side eye crazy LEO tactics.

I want the world to change, and I’m putting my shoulders into it to make sure me, mine and all mine who have to come with me or behind me can see it’s actually see the world has changed–and not through broken rose-colored glasses the oppressing and the oppressors offer.

Have This One For Free

I am not an second amendment supporter.

You cannot convince me you need an assault rifle just because you believe you should be able to own one. I don’t care if you think it ‘infringes’ on your ‘freedom.’ I’m black, female and live in America. Everyday there is something passed, said or created that attempts to infringe and usurp my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I saw this morning that SLPS is trying to suspend the students that walked out of class yesterday in support of sensible laws and gun control. So, only the white children getting shot and and murdered in ‘safe’ areas of the country are allowed to be upset, scared and angry? However, children of color or minority children are just supposed to deal with unsafe conditions because the policy-enforcing bourgeois think they should be used to it and Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization?


It was 1993 and I was 12 when I had my first metal detector in my middle school-Yeatman Middle School. We had to walk through it every day. Girls couldn’t carry their purses to class because teacher and administrators thought the female students had weapons. By eighth grade, I had the Vice Principal take my purse (it was the end of the day and I didn’t want to go back to my locker), because I couldn’t carry it to class. Mind you, many girls start their menstrual cycles in middle school. My mother had to go to Yeatman to get it!

In suspending these students for protesting the same issue other students are protesting, you are continuing to tell them they are less than and deserving of violent fates and should be “used to it.”

You never get used to being dehumanized and learned helplessness is convenient. As my foremother Ella Baker said in 1964:

Pretty Black Girl

As a black woman, it is an act or rebellion and revolution to love yourself.

It took me so long to look in the mirror and like the brown skinned, button nosed, gap-toothed girl I saw there. There were days when I avoided mirrors because I couldn’t handle what I saw there.

The world outside my house, and sometimes in it, told me how I looked, my natural aesthetic was not enough, it was I wasn’t pretty, light or hair straight enough. Compile that with a white girl name? Nall, nothing about me was right.

I began to love myself thanks to the adamant belief my mother fed me that I was enough, I was pretty, I was a formidable girl and should not be treated as anything less.

With my mother being the fashionista she is, she subscribed to Essence Magazine until I was Junior in High School. Seeing women and girls that looked like me? Amazing.

With the European aesthetic dominant, and nappy hair being a sin with relaxers and pressing combs present (oh, Lord! Little black girls and their hair!), in my childhood and well into my adulthood, gradually, I began to love the girl looking back at me.

I believe that every black girl has that search at least once. Where the world you are told you are a part of, whose destiny you are assigned, looks you in your melanin and tells you that you’re ugly, you don’t match what they want and you cannot even be considered “pretty” because nothing dark or black be pretty.

It started with my eyes. I thought my eyes were pretty because they are my mothers. And I thought she was pretty. There were pretty black girls in Essence, Seventeen and Y &M magazine.

I looked at my skin tone and compared it to light chocolate or a mocha mix. My lips? Thick and even better when I smiled. From accepting the black about me would not change, my view of it had to change. The world didn’t like my black, but celebrated tanning.

It wasn’t my color that was the problem, it was the world that had the issue with my color. That problem I made my own–and that problem made me hate something I could not change.

For a little black girl to hear she is beautiful, just as she is, in all her raw natural sugar form, is revolutionary. For a little black girl to see she is beautiful is powerful.

Beyond the fetish for her skin and hair.

Beyond the curiosity of her shape.

For a little black girl to seeshe is is beautiful herself, is life changing. One of the keys to help that is representation and affirmation.

Self-love is a radical act in a world that constantly tells you to change, when even the changes are not sufficient!

For a pretty black girl to love herself? She changes the world.