Don’t never let people tell you what you cannot do.”

-My Daddy, Richard L. Bush

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Black people have always had to save America. When Roland S. Martin said this yesterday on his podcast, I shouted. It’s always been minorities and people of color to challenge these insane principles and force this nation to grow up and do everything it says it will for all people.

The American Dream is a fairytale born from the blood of the poor and working class.

I’m not going to rehash what the Chief Alligator of the River that flows through Hades said. He is exactly who he is. He is the racist, useless, shiftless grandson of a pimp whom is now trying to pimp the nation. The GOP in relentless pursuit of erasure and power, they keep bending over for Daddy, don’t they?

Register to vote.

Get involved with resistance work.

Find a passion and work with people of similar passions or start a movement yourself.

He is who the (bleep) he has always been.

But who are you if you remain silent when crises hit?

Who will you become if you don’t?

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#Solidarity #Election2020 #OprahIsBetterThanPresident

Stop asking Auntie O to be President!

Stop! Effing! Asking!

Oprah has found her niche and doing her work. Don’t give her something else to do. Do not give her something else to do–you find something to do! And as far as H&M is concerned? This is not a mistake. There is no retraction, no apologies, no ads to reshoot…

Black boys are not monkeys.

What am I saying?

We as people of color must remember to value ourselves, and consider what it means to be an ally. Oprah is Oprah and needs no help! However what talents and skills are you harboring which would influence those around you so they are not subjected to exploitation by companies like H&M?

I made no mistake about how I felt about the Golden Globes. I have made no secret about me being unapologetically black and any space I inhabit is a black girl space.

Any space.

However, this is not the time to add energy to crazy. We are in a time of upheaval and change and we must be able focus on vision not agenda. When we don’t focus, that’s when we get these Ls and these political and emotional fades. Don’t fall for it.

Teach the Princes how to be Kings.

Teach the Princesses how to be Queens.

Simply stated–teaching and impartation are essential to equipping towards where you must go.

Luvvie Ajai says she owns her status as a professional troublemaker or a starting domino. You have have be brave enough to begin–in the beginning we find the place where it is we’re supposed to go–in that going, we leave a trail to follow.

Blaze a trail.

Find a work.

Or like me, start a fire.


What It All Means

January 7, 2018, Oprah Winfrey was awarded the Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Achievement Award. On my Facebook page, that Sunday, I posted this picture that I screenshot from LoveBScott’s Instagram page (Shouts to BScott!):

It brought me to tears. I boycotted the Golden Globes, due to my feelings heard ’round the world about Jordan Peele’s masterpiece to date being nominated as a (bleep) comedy. You can read that saucy recanting here.

I watched as Denzel Washington won it a couple years ago, and all women in me rejoiced. But to see Oprah Winfrey win? It reminded me of a quote of hers some years ago, when she was accepting an award:

“I told God, do what you want with my life…”

-Oprah Winfrey

You must understand what this means on two levels. I make no apologizes for my faith or the part it is played in my life thus far and in the future.  When she said this quote, my soul rejoiced. Here is why:

1.) According to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all you have to do is ASK for what you want. (A-Ask. S-Seek. K-Knock.) Read this in the Gospel of Luke–it’ll bless you.  The Creator respected you so much that He gave you free will. In that free will, when you ask Him to do what He desires in your life, because He knows what He has for you? That is powerful.

2.) In being that accessible, you make room to bless and to be a blessing to everyone you come across. You remove the overwhelming tendency to doubt and put God in charge of all outcomes. This trust between you and the Creator is beyond intimacy, and is rocket fuel to continue to do what you believe you are positioned to do.

When I decided to make writing a career, I was scared out of my mind. However, I trusted what I believed God had for me, and would do with every single gift that I have–believing the outcome He told me I would have.

I have made room for God to move in my life, and as He has, I cannot tell you the peace I have gotten, and the doors which have opened. I keep on this path because…if He can do it for Oprah, maybe he could do it for me.

Sometimes going along unbeaten paths, you look for any hint you aren’t alone and are going in the right direction. Often times, God doesn’t give you someone on the same path, but someone on a parallel path. There will be evidence those same travelers continued in spite of going alone, with only intuition to guide.

We know fear and faith cannot coexist. Fear is a weight, and weight is never needed to continue on a path of urgency. Faith quickens the step, makes sight keen and your goal in sight.

Follow the path. Keep the goal in sight. If all else fails, just keep going.

Just. Keep. Going.

Sun & Bells

You’ve heard the expression Whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee by the poet John Donne–and the Hemingway book of the same beginning clause. Check this explanation:

“…for whom the bell tolls definition. An expression from a sermon by John Donne. Donne says that because we are all part of mankind, any person’s death is a loss to all of us: “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

What is death except the ultimate change and and letting go. What we forget is the impact life, and its loss, has on us as individuals and humanity.

In the space of grief and acceptance, we have to be reminded to live. We must live and continue to live as best we can. Sometimes, this needs a reminder. There needs to guideposts and other people whom love you to continue to remind you life has not ended because one life is not present.

It is trite to say ‘live and do how they would have wanted you to live.” Death does not take or replace personal autonomy. You still own the outcome of your life.

So own the outcomes.

Own the uncomfortable places, the secret things, indeed every outcome. Do not be taken hostage to the dreams of people whom never voiced their own or could speak to yours. Do not be persuaded from what you desire in favors for what may have been hoped for in another person.

This life, and all is sorrow and boundless wonder, is yours. Do not live as if your presence offends people. Do not live your life for the dead. Live your life because it is yours, it is excellent, and it is waiting.

Mirror, Mirror

The only constant thing in this world is change.

The only thing scarier than the unknown is change.

So what do you do?

This conundrum is what stifles people into stagnation and the rut of doing absolutely nothing. On the flip end, it is the same force that rockets people into whom they will become.

What’s the difference?


You have to know what it is you want, and how  you want to achieve it. Make no mistake, changing course from what you know as familiar is frightening. Not scary, frightening. When you embrace change, you give up comfort and control. These are two elements human beings strive for, hold fast to, and chase after. Comfort is the thing that allows us to be familiar and control what goes on around us. Comfort is the enemy of change. Comfort whispers to you, This is okay, I like this–this never has to change. If it changes, I won’t be in control anymore.

Dear ones, you cannot become what you desire, you will not effect change, you will not live or love unless you change. Unless you are able to embrace what is new and beneficial to you, nothing else will come to you.

There are some people whom believe and practice, The Secret, the Law of Attraction. Even this requires change! You must realize nothing in this life will just beat down doors for you.


Even to leave a room you have to get up and go to a door—ergo change position and vantage points. If change is what you desire, it begins with a change in position. Before you change position, ask yourself two questions:

1.) What am I trying to change?

2.) Why must I change it?

Notice the wording. Why must you change it? Only you can answer this, dear one. Only you can. In answering it, you give yourself freedom to think about what will benefit you in and towards changing. In its inception, change will always benefit you first.

I won’t be trite and say what it means to change, and how fabulous it is. Beginning change of any type is hard and it hurts! However, what you must recognize is which is worse, remaining where you are or not.

Happy New Year.


Happy New Year!

Same fire. New year. Let’s get it!

#MichaelBJordan #BlackPanther #Boycott #BoycottWhat #Madness #Art #Movies #Celebrities #WhoseBusinessIsIt #TeamAllBlack #NoDistractions #OpeningNightWillBeLit

This came across my desk late yesterday, courtesy of my little cousin’s Facebook page. Supposedly, there is a faction whom believes BLACK PANTHER needs to be boycotted by black women or black women need to boycott BLACK PANTHER because one of the stars of the movie, Michael B. Jordan, is or may be dating a white girl.

In 2018, we are still entertaining Hotep conspiracy theories?

Not over here.



The Ideal Firestarter does not entertain or spread Hotep conspiracy theories.

BLACK PANTHER is going to be a successful MARVEL movie. The movie has an all-black cast . When I heard of this movie being made, indeed Wakunda being a real cinematic place, I was overjoyed. And the mother-sister part of me feared something like this would happen. In this pivotal artistic time, where we as a people reclaim our voice and artistic expression and vision–he ain’t got time for this.

Go get your ticket now. Support black artists. Pay no attention to loud folk not doing nothing…but will retweet.

#FreePress #Authors #ItsComingDown #MichaelWolff #FireAndFury #HotOffThePress #AvalancheOfBullsh!t #BookRelease #WritersMatter #YouCantStopThisPen #YouCantStopMyPen

The last 24-48 hours as a writer has been thrilling! Michael Wolff wrote a book so dope that 45 tried to sue him and the publisher! The buzz is so salacious the book got released damn near a week early! This is amazing!

Michael Wolff right now is goals!

I bought the hubs a copy because he sat up with a bowl of popcorn cackling at MSNBC Wednesday night. Yes. CACKLING.

(I’m waiting on Omarosa’s book personally.)

I won’t say this generational nightmare is over, but it definitely has an end in sight!

People love writers as long as the pen is empty and pencil not sharp! Sometimes writers make enemies because the pen speaks quicker than its master. Writers listen, observe and record diverse situations. I make few apologies for this.

45 is mad people can see him piss downwind and know it isn’t rain. He is falling the f— out and it is glorious! It is GLORIOUS! I highly recommend the book…

Get it.

Gift it.

Start a reading group.

Quote it.

Watch the Fireworks…and *horocruxes break.


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Things We Leave

One of the things that I never understood was why New Year’s Day was a holiday. I never thought about why it was there was day to in effect watch movie marathons or now Netflix and chill.

However, I am a firm believer in one of the best things God ever does for us, is to let us grow up. We learn what its like to do the things few people like to do:  rest and reflect.

I look forward to New Year’s Day, and even New Years Eve now. I look forward to watching the time slip into a new month and new year. I’m of and age now where I can reflect on the things which were good, what I didn’t come to pass, and most of all the things we leave. Especially, the things (or the people) we leave.

I’m fond of saying ‘not everyone can go with you.’ And this is true. As you become more determined towards who you want to become, not everyone can accept that or help or nurture you along your journey forward. This isn’t because people are bad, or people are callous or uncaring–this isn’t because everyone is bad or mean. Some people in your life aren’t equipped to handle you making decisions to live your life without their presence or input. So rather than celebrate you, they gradually ease from your life or say ‘you’ve changed.’

Some of the things we leave can only be classified as weights. It’s baggage! It’s things we determine we need but we don’t. We get stuck in these places where all we can do wrestle with residue, of what we wanted, needed or having had to live without. The things we leave sometimes require time to digest, or reflect on. Loss requires reflection. In that reflection there is honesty, transparency and time. It’s the time we don’t give to things causes us to repeat past mistakes, and never learn. If we can’t learn, we can’t impart–and if we can’t impart wisdom, we can’t help one another.

Ergo, nothing changes.

Leaving things, losing things, especially relationships are ever easy–especially when there is significant time involved–is hard. Sometimes those relationships are not repaired or sustainable, and lost as you press towards what it is you desire to do or push towards.

In this new year, especially in these first two weeks. Take inventory of what you lost, what you found, and what you have gained as the old year has passed. It is okay to mourn these things, even people-but don’t get stuck in the losses, in the ugly situations that are ending, in the people that couldn’t stay as you couldn’t stay with them.

Take heart, dear ones. Take time to examine what you want, and what will benefit you and not be afraid of what life holds for you. Sharpen your oyster knife and see what pearls are hidden in life’s waters as you let go of what doesn’t serve you, add to you, and who doesn’t love your or know how to embrace all you are.

Happy New Year!