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My good girlfriend, Kelly, is a working single Mom who has landed this bomb job at a law firm. She is slated to graduate this summer with a stellar GPA. As she is an executive paralegal, she is familiar with the demands of a law firm, precise nature of the work required and she is getting invaluable training which will only make her a better paralegal. And she can play Wu-Tang Clan at work! Kelly’s job is awesome!

However, there was bitter broad in her class cohort. Let’s call her *Regular Rachel. Somehow, Regular Rachel found out about Kelly’s job, and went to the head of the program to complain that Kelly had an unfair advantage.

Yes. That happened.

This advantage is the similar to a nursing student employed as a CNA through nursing school. You literally are employing skills which will make you a better nurse. Chile, please.

The epilogue to this is my girl emailed her program head, and let them know in 2018 this is still happening, and how silly it is, and how Regular Rachel needs to find some business. Regular Rachel responded to the situation as all Regular Rachel’s do:

“I am not a racist, and I just want to put this whole situation behind me and move forward…”


Ta-Nahsi Coates said the white people in this country are taught that everything belongs to them. I would have to agree. White privilege can only permit as long as there are systems in place to keep it untouched and unchallenged. White privilege is fragile AF because it is dependent on reinforcement, oppression and the game staying rigged.

Kelly couldn’t have an advantage that outdid her own advantage because that would mean she wouldn’t win. White privilege is steeped in the idea of winning, indoctrination of inherent minority loss, which allows a learned helplessness to become a ceiling to all those who would dare challenge it:  you can go no further than what we believe you should. If you happen to assert yourself, and use the same tricks we use to get over, WEE WHEEL NAWT HAAV EET!


White supremacy needs to take  L’s on two occasions:  continuously and often.

 “If the only way you can be tall is if someone is on their knees, then you have a serious problem.”

-Toni Morrison (a revered Mother Oracle)

White privilege is fragile because it cannot stand alone, or apart from an oppressive system of operation. It remains fragile because it has to be retaught, reinforced and oppressive all those who challenge it. This social construct, much like race, is to assert the belief where to not be white is to be less than.

So, how do we combat it? We combat it just as my girl Kelly did! You call it out, you confront it and you don’t let Regular Rachels, Bitter Beckys and Tryingit Tanyas ruin what you want to do, the hustle you have, and the ambition you power.

The moral of the story:  Keep it pushin. If they can’t stand you, tell Regular Rachel to get a seat and saddown.

*-Regular Rachels are pervasive!

 They are the Beckys with chips on their shoulder and just enough sense of self to believe their own bullshit. Regular Rachel’s are built to fight, but they call managers if the melaninated girl behind the counter is to ‘brash’. They email professors  if they find out someone has an ‘unfair’ advantage. Regular Rachel’s are the goons of white supremacy. Beckys are the molls. Allies don’t allow their circles to have Regular Rachels in their midst and not allow them to roam unchecked. Firestarters, check your circles. None of us have time for the ridiculousness Regular Rachels bring.


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An apple away keeps the doctor away. And being a Firestarter helps you think better. At least you aren’t married a dude who calls himself DJT. You winnin’ fam, you winnin’.

#DanityKane #DanityKaint #AudreyODay #DJTRunFade #RunBoyRun #VanessaAboutToWin #ThisIsAboutToBeGood #TeaSip #PassTheSauce #WhatTheHellIsNext

There has to be a bottom. There has to be, but every time I think there’s  bottom of this Tr*mppedup bullsh!t, there’s a ratchet genie granting wishes and selling wolf tickets! So as I discussed last week, Vanessa Tr*mp is about to be paid, and DJT den had a whole affair from the girl best known for getting thrown out the group Puff Daddy put her in because she always had something to say.

In the age of #MeToo, may I suggest #BihWhat. Like for all this ratchetness and foolishness, you should be able to tag discovered bullsh!t with #BihWhat. Like I can’t with this! He cheated on his wife (chip off the old block!), while she was pregnant (being a bastard is a genetic trait), with a broad who was working for his father! Vanessa confronted her with her daughter present on the phone! And supposedly the affair was so lit she dedicated a song to him and it.

Oh myy.

Rich people rachetness is a level of ridiculous which amuses me. I am so serious.

As these chickens come home to roost, Burn it down Audrey, burn it down! When these chickens come home to roost, they make gumbo!


#AniyahDay #Aniyah #Motherhood #BeAMother #DickDon’tMakeHimDaddy #Fatherhood #WhatTheHell #BeAMama #MamaBear #BearAndHerWhelps #IDontGetThisHere

I don’t understand.

I was fortunate to have my father for seventeen years, and am raising two children as a result of divorce. I would never think of harming my children because of how I felt about their father. This story, and others like it enrage me! I don’t understand the mentality that goes into killing your child, or allowing someone else to harm them to the point of abuse is ridiculous. This child was abused and emaciated, while her mother looked smug in court as charges were read. I saw her father break into pieces about the life of his daughter being taken. “You killed my daughter!” her father screamed. My heart…smh.

There is no excuse for this. None. Aniyah was four. The only thing I could think of is her mother and her mother’s boyfriend (in the face of CPS neglect investigation!) killed her for a double reason–because they could, and to hurt Aniyah’s father. My resounding reply is this:  If she didn’t want to raise the baby, no longer wanted her, she had an option–give her to her father.

Again, I need to emphasize the need to be involved in the life of your children. Be adamant about their well-being, safety and convey your desire to protect and equip them for the onslaught of the life and world that wishes to devour them. You cannot have the lions in bed with lambs and lock the door. As a mother, as a parent, you are charged to nurture and defend. Don’t be lax in this warning or duty.

#StephonClark #BlackLivesMatter #TheyStillKillinUs #StopKillingMySons #TheyAllOurKids #Community #TheyStillKillinUs #LifeWorkIsToJustLive

They killed him in his backyard, with a phone in his hand police though was a gun. How? why is whiteness so disturbed by blackness? I was in grade school when I started to hear the stories about children my age who either had run from the police, knew someone who was running from the police, or who knew how to run from the police.



Stephon was running through yards, minding his business unaware the PD was after him. But–dammit! I am tired of having to Monday morning quarterback these murder hashtags–what they decedent was doing, how good a person he was, meanwhile you got whole homegrown terrorists in Austin, Texas blowing people up with FedEx boxes because they feel ‘disenfranchised’ as a straight, white male in America. This one took me out a little y’all. it really did.

In a world where the leader of the free-greed world is a reengage Jim Henson muppet, no one darker than orange is safe.







Bonus From Week 7 (Black Blogs Matter): Inclusion, Equality & Equity

Racial tension in America has grown and has spiraled out of control in America. With the recent election of our current president, closeted racist trolls have come out of their places of hiding to rear their ugly heads not only behind screens of overpriced electronics, but in our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and yes, even in our places of worship! Oh, and by the wayin some of our families as well.
Inclusion, equality, and equity in my opinion are words that we tend to use in our everyday language to impress people, and to show how liberal and progressive we are rather it’s political or religiously.

They have become words that we just throw around, words like
“diversity” or “welcoming”, but, we honestly have no idea what we truly mean when we use these words.
Since I’m currently a seminary student and in ministry, I would like to look at these three words: inclusion, equality and equity from the context of Christianity and the relationship that they have with the local church.

According to the dictionary, inclusion is the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. To be connected to a local church, or
most importantly to say that you are a Christian who says they believe in inclusion, but does refuses to open your heart or even the doors of your church to people within the LBTQIA+ community, refuses to take care of widows, orphans, to welcome the immigrant, or speaks hatred
towards a person because of their race, I would say you are not an inclusive Christian.

I would go deeper to say that you are simply not an inclusive person. To be inclusive is to welcome people as they are without any motive. For people to come into your spaces, whatever those
spaces maybe, just as they are without fear of being ridiculed or being asked to change who they are to make you feel comfortable.

Equality is basically everything being equal, and everyone being entitled to the same
rights and opportunities. We live in a nation, where we claim everything is equal, but sadly, as an African American male who daily has to walk around in my black body, I would beg to differ.

Equality has not been attainable for African American men, for immigrants, for women and for countless others who are forced to live on the margins of society. Therefore, social justice work is so important.
Whether you are on the frontlines of a protest, making phone calls to politicians, making your voice heard on social media outlines, or even preaching social justice from behind the pulpit, a person’s work in the fight for justice and equality to ensure that all people have an equal slide of rights and opportunities in important. Do not allow a person to tell you your work is not
as important as their work. There is plenty to go around!

Equity is simply being fair. In our nation, our minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, and in
Missouri where I live, it is $7.70 per hour. The higher ups who make the rules expect every day, hardworking people to live off these meager wages, when the average cost of everything continues to go up! That’s not far. That’s not being equitable to people who just want to go to work and take care of themselves and their families.

It has been researched that employers overlook qualified candidates for job opportunities just because of how “ethnic sounding” their names are. “Jabari Coleman” who graduated top of
his class in high school and has a college degree can and my get overlooked for a job interview, but “Mark Thomlinson” who may have graduated high school, but dropped out of college gets called in for a job interview, and more than likely for the same job that “Jabari” applied for.
How is that fair?

Inclusion, equality and equity, words that we all need to seriously take a look at ourselves and how we look at others within the different context of life that we serve in, and see if we are truly living those in action and in deed.

Phillip A. Harris, Guest Firestarter

Lionesses Loom Legendary

Black women make history. It takes more than a months of February and March to the honor the intersection of black, woman and history.

In keeping with the theme of this month, Black Women making history and of black women in history, I ask you to consider the lioness. Not the phrase female lion, but lioness. She is distinct from her male counterpart, intuitive and just as ambitious towards care and care of the pride as she is. She is integral because she is indispensable.

One of those women is on my list of personal sheroes: Maria Chappelle-Nadal. In times of crisis black women always seem to show up, create solutions and walk them through. It’s what we do! It’s just what we do. With the bars of our ever-FLOTUS, “If you want impossible done, gimme about a week.”

From Ferguson to voting rights to the ecological and environmental crisis happening in Bridgeton, Missouri, Maria has shown the same fearlessness that makes her adored and feared. She is symbolic of knowing on whose shoulders she stands*. It is that fearlessness that is embodied by a quote a local pastor said:

Your compassion should compel you to action.

In times such as these, we see this new wave of lionesses emerge to glean from their foremothers to rub faster and further and smarter. I am glad that in the face of times like this, I can add my roar to hers and my own pride.

It is this taught sense of self that keep black women formidable. That allow us to to make do and make space and take no prisoners when we know we are right and close to victory. These are key components when deciding to change the world when people only whisper about what to do.

Add your roar, don’t fear it.

You can do it.


*-I know what Missouri State Senator Chappelle-Nadal said about the Imposter POTUS and being assassinated. Back up off her! And second, as much isht as this country is in–as much as is about to blow up, y’all need to pay attention to the people who are really for you—rather than the ones that wanna rob you and kill you slow. To know more about the Bridgeton Landfill clean up and her involvement click here.

In Memory of Ida B.

Whenever I think of Women’s History Month, I think of my personal shero, Ida Bell Wells Barnett. I adore for the same reason, I adore State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal. She is unfuckwitable. Why? Google her.





Women’s Rights Advocate.

Community Organizer.





I found Ida B. Wells Barnett in fourth grade. There was a power to her I noticed when I was a pouty, moody nine-year-old girl. She was my secret push to continue to write, and command  language and be, or become unfuckwitable. I loved how dynamic she was in a time where to be at the intersection of black and woman was detrimental to sustainable progress.

Ida B. is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about education, my own blackness, writing and the development of my own community. She is the reason why I was committed to becoming a better woman. I revere her like I do my mother, and grandmother. With no plan, clue or map, she did it. Whatever she set her mind to do, she did it. As a little black girl, you need heroes. You need heroes that are ahead of their time, and take a machete to the path they are on to leave a trail for those that are coming behind.

For a little girl that had no idea how to change the world, I needed that path. I needed there to be an Ida B so I could be a Jennifer. I had to see there was someone before me that did what I desired to do with half of what I currently had.

I needed there to be an Ida Bell Wells…I needed to see what I could become.

I always thought it was amazing that she died fifty years before I was born. I thought that her dying in 1931 was significant, mystic even. There was a sense I had to her, with her, that she could have been a grandmother, and I her granddaughter. I felt as though she passed into the next world with secrets and strength I needed.

Yet, she left her books–her words–to remind me, us whom are her fellow oracles,  to keep going. Not to stress, but to push and get through it, because the it doesn’t define me.

That’s what good mothers do. They leave a path. They leave a trail. They make waves and ways. They leave a light.

Thank you Mama Ida. Thank you for showing me what an oracle can be, should be, and is. My prayer is that one day, my work, my words can do the same.

1808-This Doesn’t Happen In Wakanda

(Remember, 1808 means this is NSFW.)

I spoke about this story when I first heard about it before Christmas. Click here for that initial tea. See this link for this low-grade fuckery out of Hartford University.

I cannot say what is in another woman’s heart, or their faith, but a girl that put my toothbrush in her ass needs to take an L. I in no way can advocate for her on any level. Help me be better Jesus, because I can’t and don’t ask me to!

Chennell “Jazzy” Rowe went to the sentencing hearing of a broad that wiped menstrual blood on her things and spit in her lotion and put her toothbrush in her ass. The Lord says to forgive, but you ain’t gotta do this here! I can’t do it bruh. I can’t do it!

The problem I have with this is the constant assault on black women. The barrage we are subjected to simply for being melaninated! This silly clear trollop said she did these things to her after she found out Jazzy put a video of her snoring on social media.

Aight. 😒

Even with that being so, this shit is uncalled for. There are different ways to handle a nasty b!tc#. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri bruh, Idda handed out an ass-whuppin once I found out, since we one-uppin!

I am proud of Jazzy’s poise. And restraint. I am over how black women are treated and expected to hold to his Mammie expectation that everything done to us by those white folk that don’t know no better just needs to be forgiven!

I’m not advocating vengeance, but fairness. Do I think this is hate crime? I do actually. If the girl was that mad about a roommate, she could have found another one. Point blank.

Miss me with she didn’t know, wasn’t aware and didn’t mean it. When you set your mind to put something I put in my mouth, in your ass, you aim to get all you got coming to you once I find out. Slap ya mammie, because she just as trifling and could teach you no better.