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The Shift

“The people you start with may not be the people you end with.” This sage wisdom offers more than you think.

With this month’s focus being community,  I would be remiss not to mention how those communities change as you do.  Life is dynamic at its core–there will always be situations which demand more of you than what you thought–and because of that, you need people you didn’t think you would need until you do.

As you grow into the life you want, you will be confronted with situations that will cause you to examine whom it is you have included in your life and plans.

In the last few months, I have followed a young lady named Rebekah Gordon on Facebook. She is a third year law student, now a Chicago resident. She had the best observation about changing your environment, communities and those whom are yet to come to your life:

“…When God takes you higher, it stirs up a rather intricate process of stripping down, exposing, highlighting, sacrificing, sharpening and refining. God deals with the heart first. He starts to deal with the idols that ornamented your life.

He begins to show you the piles of dirt you tried to hide under the carpet. He sends those tests along the way to make sure you can pass. He repositions some folks around you and hires more equipped ones to support you. He even hides you to protect you…”

-Rebekah Gordon, September 2017

(taken with her consent)

That’s the dirty secret about building a community–those in it may not stay the same,  and you may have to outgrow them to honor what you know to be true of yourself. Don’t flip your wings because people don’t like shade.

There is a destiny for you, a plan for your life, and it is up to you to be brave enough to believe that and strong enough to go forward with it.

What stymies us is the unwillingness to go or the unwillingness to go alone. There are times of momentary loneliness, but they are momentarily. I like to think that God plays chess on the back side of the universe when this happens.

He strategizes and arranges His plan, and, though you might think you are but a pawn and alone, it is executed and unlike anything you could imagine. From the mind of God, He brings and pushes you towards the next group of people whom will help you and equip you and informs you whether or not you must go next.

Sometimes we get lucky, and those people we link up with are able to stay with us for the journey yet determined. More often than not, they don’t. The resentment to continue in spite of this inspires a rub to and from those that refuse to honor what it is they want–believing it enough to act.

Change is scary.  When your life is rearranged, it’s scary. When that happens and there is no one to help you, that’s scary. However, if you don’t go, if it doesn’t change–what you start with, even whom you start with–won’t change.

Don’t be afraid of change. Fear staying the same.

In Order To Become

We know we can’t pick our natal family, or even the environment our family is in. The wondrous thing about this like is, what is natal isn’t permanent.

You go through this life and make your own way and gather your own people. 

Whether they be queer or trans, emo, geek or goth, the finding of your tribe is really you finding whom you are.

So, who are you?

It makes no sense to go through this life and not change or conform. But the power of that dynamic is that it is dynamic. Life itself is intersectional! Don’t shy from that. Accept those things of you that are important or strange to you.

Me? I’m a married black woman that writes and loves art, old movies and comics and Jesus. My community overlaps. I accept that.

I like the dark and the strange and revolutionary along with all these other aspects as well.

So, how do you accept those things to find your tribe?


Self-acceptance. The answer to the all-important ‘who are you.’ 

Whoa. I know, right? 

There are things that you immutable about your existence. Your race, your parents, your blood type, where you grew up. But there are things about yourself that you discover as you travel through this life. Things that spark and inspire, unravel you and infuriate, or make you better.

You are the voyager of this ship. Your passengers are up to you. Who will you include? Exclude? Help steer? 

You will never become whom you’re supposed to become until you identify whom you are and find those that see you the same way.

Be brave. Look deep. Be unafraid of what you see or what you find or what is said when those inner treasures are found. All that you find is all you find and yet there will be more.

Journey safely beloveds, the world needs you.

The House We Build

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There are moments where I cannot believe that this country is not scripted. There are times where I cannot understand how we as a nation have gotten to the point of such apathy and dress it up in patriotism. Clearly, that’s where we are now.

The program implemented by President Obama is now threatened because there’s a child on the throne of the nation…when this nation has had no King since its inception. It is madness. Complete madness.

This information is taken from the site from the Legal Support system  at UC-Berkeley:

What Is DACA?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a kind of administrative relief from deportation. The purpose of DACA is to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation. DACA gives young undocumented immigrants: 1) protection from deportation, and 2) a work permit. The program expires after two years, subject to renewal.

What has been tip-toed around this issue is that fact no one in this country is native to it. As in, every one, that was not a Native American, the indigenous people of color whom inhabited this land before Spaniard conquistadors or European settlers, was or has been brought here:  either under duress, stress, fear  or volition.

 However, even looking at the recorded history of Latinx/Hispanic/Chicano influence in this nation and simple geography, you cannot deny that there was land that belonged to Mexico and Spain that the United States folded into the batter known as the union.

So, for those paying attention, the government of a nation of immigrants, wants to put out immigrants, of whom we stole and usurped their land, because we don’t want any immigrants.

And whom is this we? 


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This week when the evil Keebler elf posing in the body of the Attorney General, announced the decision on DACA, there could not be a happier person. It’s repulsive. As I say often in these matters, watch whiteness work.

 There is nothing about this that is lucid. It’s based in fear, power and control. It doesn’t make sense. It will never make sense.

Being a St. Louis, MO native, as big as this city is, with as many separate neighborhoods, with different nationalities carving out cultural niches, but  the city itself as a whole, is not a sanctuary city. 

Meaning, even with all of St. Louis’s boasted diversity in its vox populi, if you are an ‘undesirable,’ there is nothing or no one that can save you. 

It makes me wonder if the world-famous Saint Louis Cardinals catcher #4 (currently Yadir Molina) was an ‘illegal immigrant’ would the city care and do something?

And that’s a maybe.

This is  what we resist against.We resist against the apathy. We resist against the comfort of removal from situations. We resist against the inoculating nature of accepting false narratives rather than visual truths set before us. 

We resist because if we don’t the pain of helpless will overwhelm us to kill everything that breeds hope and change and love on the outside of us. We must resist.

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I support DACA because it is the right thing to do. I support DACA because I cannot imagine trying to build a life in the only country I know as home, only to be told that for the want of your parents wanting better for you, you have to leave.

 Not only do you have to leave all you know, you have to go ‘home’ to a place you have never known. You have to forfeit all you have build and building because someone with the power to legislate but not empathize and be at the mercy of their continuous bigotry.

Yet, this is the nation they long to stay in. This is the nation that allows me the right to say what maniacal, evil, bullsh!t this really is. The ‘President’ handed out food and supplies in the city of Houston, Texas, a city that has a population that will be most traumatized by this legislation, and turned around and did it because he’s at his core, a callous bigot.

My husband and I tell our daughters, our godchildren, that you treat people as you want to be treated. We tell them that even when or if you encounter someone that is different, you treat them no different. It is the acceptance of diversity that makes this nation amazing and life so, so rich and worthy of exploration.

Just because something doesn’t touch you or affect you directly doesn’t mean it doesn’t touch and run over other people. You don’t give the privilege of not turning around and seeing what happens to other people. That is just how evil persists when good people do nothing.

Don’t do nothing. Resist.