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Chile, this week has made me want to get a house dress, bunny slippers and wrap my hair up! I cannot cope! Shawn Corey Carter is now ‘lookin like a owner’ for real, the world is still reeling from the loss of Toni Morrison, Tami Roman read Jennifer of Basketball Wives so tough I felt my braids tighten! Queen Mother Angela Bassett is out here proving that if you Black, mind your business, you too can achieve immortality!

Let’s get it!

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Colin Kapernick, still does not have a job in the NFL.

I, personally, have not watched an NFL game in almost 3 years. As the daughter of a defensive lineman, who grew up with a father who loved the game, that seems quite alien.

Yet, I’ve done it. How the league did Kap was wrong! So, I would not be supporting anything economic regime that upheld his treatment as just! As must as I love Russell Wilson, and Marshawn ‘Beastmode’ Lynch–I can’t wait game. I barely watch any sports anymore.

But this here! I have nothing but contempt and suspicion for this situation. Mr. Carter said ‘we are passed kneeling.’

Are we Jay, are we?

*Note: I am watching this story unfold, and will have a hotsheet up Monday!

#Arkansas #AreYouSerious #SheDidWhat #AndDidWhatWithWho #DoNOTLetYourPresidentGetYourAssWhupped

When I read this? I wanted to pull up outside this b!tch house! DEADASS. This is the type of sh-t that I have to remind myself that God is watching, because I would have aired it out! Over mine?! MINE?! When all there were doing was getting donations for their school?! And you pull a gun on them, tell them to get on the ground, hold them at gun point WHILE you call the police?!

Whoosah. Bitch…

The crazier part is that her husband is the jail administrator! This means that he’d would be in charge of how she is treated while in custody! And she almost got away with not getting a mugshot?! I’m not comforted by her being charged with felonies. I am enraged that the whole damn world seems to hate Black children. No matter how harmless we train them to be.

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The dedicated writer in me knows what is happening in this nation is under the control of evil authors.

Without a doubt!

If you ask me? I think they got him. I really do. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am a writer! That’s almost worse. The man that had thee Little Black Book on the world’s most powerful–including their naughty tastes in underage girls–ends up dead? And he wasn’t in custody 30 days?


This is the craziest book I have ever lived in. If I weren’t alive to see it, I wouldn’t believe it!

This week my Torches, I want you to remember this. It’s our time to fight! It’s our time to make noise, to stand up, to speak, write and be respected! Your humanity is not up for debate and is not optional! Torches are equal parts light and heat.

The world needs both. Be both.

We Ain’t Done. We Ain’t Finished.

Five years ago, I was in a car with my kids, husband and my cell phone. I was screaming, crying and praying in our church service. At that moment, my life, due to a young man I did not know named Michael, changed it.

In five years, I have seen people embroiled in this Ferguson movement die, be murdered under mysterious circumstances, stalked by law enforcement, move away, run for office, and be exposed as frauds! I’ve seen people stan law enforcement to and with religious zeal—and I’ve seen people beat up because of it!

In five years, I have questioned my own strength. My faith. My ability to protect my own children. I have been triggered by loud noises. Fire crackers. Too many police cars on the street. Blue Lives Matter flags. Big crowds.

My life has totally changed.

Yet, the trajectory of that night five years ago, created this space. Enabled me to write rather than cry. To view the world, and myself as James Baldwin instructs.

There will be some that will, still use the hashtags, famous names and check-ins as social clout! But those of us who saw guns pulled on people going to work; bearcats on West Florissant Boulevard; tear gas canisters breaking on streets you drive and shop on; and children that look like yours tear gassed in their own backyards; if you weren’t there, you don’t get to weigh in!

But in this, from this, I want to draw attention to the foundation set up by Michael Brown, Sr.: CHOSEN FOR CHANGE. The mission of the foundation is simple:

Saving lives one day at a time through empowering youth, strengthening families and giving back.

In this, dear ones, I have no deep resounding 5-year reflection. I have no deep, saged reflections. There are people I know personally still on the ground giving time, talent, love, money and energy to make Ferguson better. To make their local neighborhoods better like my tribe Fran Griffin (now Councilwoman Griffin!) Emily and Tony. Still feeding the homeless, like Cathy “Mama Cat” Daniels with PotBangerz!

There is more to this memorializing of August 9, 2014 than death, lies and police corruption! This is a day for some of us, where the life we lived before changed! Where we found passions, causes and careers that allowed us to flourish! Where we began to examine our lives, circumstances and social circles to change them.

It’s a long way to go.

But the adage goes:

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

In real communities, real activism occurs. And we will go farther–together.