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Pretty, Petty & Black (1808)

(1808-This is going to be NSFW. Fair warning.)

Brianna Brochu put a toothbrush in her ass and gave it back to her roommate.

Let that shit sink in. The reach of white supremacy and privilege is mind-boggling.

She smeared used tampons on her roommate’s bookbag, put old food in her toiletries, even going the extra step of being beyond trifling, and spit in her coconut oil.

Now, this silly white girl bragged about this mayhem on the ‘Gram and called her roommate Jamaican Barbie. This is sh she got caught. But she swears up and down she’s not a racist. So she just trifling and evil?! That makes this better.

She wasn’t charged with a hate crime, but with, lemme get it right, it reads in part from NBC News:

Civil rights advocates had asked the state to add a hate crime charge to the criminal mischief and breach of peace counts Brochu faces. NAACP Greater Hartford Branch President Imam Abdul-Shahid Muhammad Ansari attended the hearing and said that he, along with other NAACP members, are not pleased with the decision.

Allow me to translate:

“This is some absolute bullshit.”

This girl got expelled from University of Hartford, and assaulted her roommate but people want to shift this as “an ill-suited dorm assignment.” Nall. She clearly don’t need to be on anyone’s dorm–she ain’t been taught nothing!

There are RAs, and Housing Directors for “ill-suited dorm assignments.” She’s smart enough to get into college but can’t fill out a form to change her dorm assignment? And she says she’s not a racist…


If you put my toothbrush in your ass, imma whup yours. Flat out.

The killer part? Peep what she called, Sis, doe! Jamaican Barbie. I don’t know what it is about white women whom see black women as pretty. Like you hate us…but wanna be us ala GET OUT?!

The reason why this angers me so is I’m a sister, a godmother, mother and a black woman all my life, with a black mother and father whom told me I was pretty–and never be ashamed of who I was.

This broad assaulted her black roommate, bragged about it in detail to the world, but doesn’t want to be seen or labeled a racist.


She is.

The reason she gave as to why she did what she did was this (from the Hartford Courant):

Brochu, who is white, told police that she did not have a good relationship with her roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, who is black. Brochu claimed Rowe was rude to her and posted videos online of her snoring to make fun of her.

I’m not even amazed. But this being the Christmas season, the one piece of advice to give to the young woman this happened to, Chennel Rowe aka Jazzy, is this:


Get this degree. Make your money. Make this system work for you. This trollop, this school may never apologize or recognize you for all that has happened to you. However, don’t let one silly (bleep) who couldn’t be you, or like you, stop you. This broad will ever be famous for what she did to you–but that won’t define you. You can be mad, embarrassed and ready to fight. You’re entitled. But also know what the real enemy is.

We got you.



10 days till Christmas.

8 days till you gotta prep for this meal no one will help you wash dishes afterwards.

Let’s get it!

#BlackMedia #BlackNews #BlackMen #Platforms #MediaPlatforms #TVOneNewsNow #BlackEverything #RolandSMartin #TVONEYouTube

I like Roland Martin. I enjoy his show! I love that he is knowledgeable, and does not take any. I love the fact TVOne made room for him and all his blackness. The troubling thing is near the end of the month TVOne is cancelling his show (I believe it’s December 21).!

This is troubling because we can’t afford to be silent or silenced by any force. The advantage of technology is it is a tool which gives everyone a platform, should they desire it. However, there is a power that comes with the audience gleaned as you hone your particular platform. With that audience, you garner and perpetuate influence.

TV ONE NEWS ONE NOW has a predominately black audience. It is a platform where national issues are discussed as well as issues that affect us as people of color. It has been reported that he will still have a voice on TVOne (as he is a commentator) but no longer will he have a show. I wish Roland the best and larger platforms! #BringTheFunk

#Eminem #NewAlbum #MarshallMathers

I heard today, literally minutes that bae has apologized to his ex-wife on his new album. I don’t know what to make of this. I remember the MARSHALL MATHERS LP (yes, I bought the CD and wore it out so that some of the tracks skipped!), and I believe it was track 15 that was titles Kim that was too much for me to listen to. The chorus goes, “So long/bitch you did me so wrong/I don’t want to go on/living in this world without you.


I mean if Jay-Z can grow up and apologize to the woman he calls a soulmate at damn near 50, I mean let Em do the same. 2017 seems to be the year to try and do better. Perhaps we need to give space to let people atone–perfection is a myth and err all too human. Before you snap off on Em, check your own porch.

#ThePutOut #Omarosa #TheWhiteHouse #ChilePlease #SunkenPlace #Georgina #GetOut

I know y’all have been waiting to hear my take on this mess. Chile, I AM STILL LAUGHING. Why you may ask is ALL of Black America laughing? It’s the ultimate I TOLD YOU SO. It’s the validation that she got exactly what she deserved–no more no less.

There is nothing wrong with being brilliant and ambitious and beautiful. And she is all those things. However…to what cost! She turned her back on the very people whom look like her. Omarosa thought her MBA stood for Make a Bitch Acceptable in certain company.


No ma’am.

Am I hating on her degree? No. Her education? Of course not. I am happy to see anyone strive and achieve. It’s enough light for everyone to have some! But I don’t have to get my light from taking yours, blocking yours or stealing it!The hard reality is she is still a black woman in a world that sees her as less than a white woman.

I said it.

Fight me.

Omarosa had to be reminded that she was a black woman in the most public and degrading way possible. It’s hilarious because she really thought she had transcended race…when Barack couldn’t. It’s hilarious because she forgot the first rule of engagement: know your enemy. Know what it is you are fighting.

In the Shakespeare play Coriolanus, there is a quote that says , The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Omarosa believed she didn’t need a people to help or warn her. She didn’t believe the secret knowledge of her foremothers in how to balance academia, excellence and blackness. She forgot that when she made it, would need to help someone else. Omarosa just got fronted as an ‘uppity negro’ and now she mad. We are laughing because we all saw it coming. We ALL saw it coming.

I don’t feel bad for her. I wish her the best and with everyone and everything else this year, “Do better.”


In this life, the only thing you own, is you.

Today I meant to write about something uplifting, but that was before the onslaught of this week and the case of Cyntoia Brown.

For those unaware, see here for the complete article.

Twenty-nine-year-old Cyntoia Brown has been locked up in a Tennessee prison for 13 years, after she was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery in the killing of a man who hired her as a prostitute when she was 16.

At trial, Brown’s lawyers argued she was a runaway who was raped, abused and forced into prostitution by a man known as “Kut Throat.” She will be eligible for parole after she turns 69.

I saw her documentary on her a few years ago and was astounded. The documentary was on YouTube. Before reading further, I suggest you view it.

I know you may be thinking this deviates from my topic of influence this month, but I assure you it doesn’t. Influence is only as potent or insidious as those who wield it. The more I looked at this story (before Kim Kardashian sent her lawyer after it), the more my heart grieved for her.

“Kut Throat” used his adult influence on a then 16 year old girl to force her into prostitution. In new millenium terms, we would call this sex trafficking.

He sold a 16-year-old girl for sex to the highest bidder. He put a child in an adult position by sheer force of will–ergo ill influence.

After she was violated by all these paying monsters, “Kut Throat” pimped her. A John took her to his home to have sex with her. When she thought she was reaching for a gun, she shot and killed him. She took his guns and whatever money he had and ran.

Now, should she have killed him?

Probably not.

Was he going to let her go?

We will never know.

The dirty fact is this: she did what she had to in order to live. With all she had endured, all Kut Throat did to her, on top of her life before the pimp found her–Is unbelievable. However, this nation likes its black girls docile or ratchet. Controllable and predictable or whorish and savage.

The favorite is the silent, suffering mammy.

The incredible thing? She now wants to use all that has happened to her to help everyone whom will listen. She wants to tell what happened to her so that the same trick that trapped her will not ensnare someone else.

Now, the third tier of this influence is the legal system–a system never designed to benefit or serve women, people of color or immigrants or the poor–God help you if you intersect any of these.

The legal system saw Cyntoia Brown like many of us see feral cats: Something for someone else to deal with and when dealing with them, do so harshly so there will be no others like those. The legal system decided her life was inconsequential and irredeemable in the face of all that had happened to her, so they decided to throw her away. The influence, the power and sway of the rule of law, let those in power do as the mob wished with her.

There has been new effort for her release and I am overjoyed. She deserves a chance at life and to impart and yes, to live. If all you own in this life is you, then whom are other folk to tell you whom you are or the limits of what you can become?


Contact Information:

Ms. Cyntoia Brown #410593

Tennessee Prison for Women

Unit 1 West, D-49

3881 Stewarts Lane

Nashville, TN 37218


RUNITBACK FRIDAY (12/02/2017)-Part I

#Libya #SlaveTrade #Slaves #HumanTrafficking

Slavery is allowed under the 13th Amendment. Don’t believe me?

Watch the wording. And watch 13TH by Ava Duvernay. In this county, to be born black, post-1865, is to be born free. You have no owner. You have no plantation to be attached. You are person not property.

In Libya, with the death of Kaadafi, chaos has broken out–as chaos does with the death of a dictator or leadership change. In that vacuum, has reared this familiar dragon of slavery–telling people they are chattel. Selling people as if they are prized farm animals.

In seeing this happening to my ocean-spread kin is Alice passing through the looking glass. It is scary, horrific and entirely possible to happen here again. Seeing people I may never see in the same space, sobbing, scared and pleading gave living memory to what I have only read of happening.

My heart wept, is weeping for what is going on. I cannot look away, I will not look away. The world cannot look away. Too often concerning people of color we look away, this time, for once, don’t look away. Don’t be complicit. The time of living peacefully among warfare is over.

#PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle #Wedding #RoyalWedding #May2018 #DuchessMeghan

I don’t wrap my life around what the British Royal family does. I have kept my ear to the ground regarding the history and lineage because it is fascinating. I remember Princess Diana, the birth of her sons, her death and the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Now, Prince Harry has found someone whom makes him smile. He looks at her like she is all he wants. Marvelous.

And of course the trolling racist army unleashed vitriol about it.

Meghan is black.

She should be a mistress, not a wife.

How dare he marry a black girl?

This is…sigh. Meghan is an African-American woman whom is college educated at Northwestern. She is an actress an activist and not a bed wench. She is beautiful, smart and like most women of the modern age (me included) divorced.

One thing that pissed me off was this:

Yes, and I meant every word. All the faux outrage is rooted in stupidity and likes living there. The answer for this is Mrs. Bessie Wallis Simpson the married woman King Edward VIII fell in love with and abdicated the throne–this is Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle.

Then there’s the matter of Queen Sophia Charlotte. The Invisible Queendetails her extraordinary life, legacy and her marriage to King George III and how her portraits are lightened so she doesn’t look so much like a Moor.

This argument, this fear of spreading ‘infectious’ blackness is nothing new and is just as silly then as it is now. The backhanded compliments, the shade about her having a diamond ring, the nonsense about her being a mistress–they can all die mad.

The world hates to see black women in places of power, viability and influence. It was fine for a black woman to be in the White House, as long as she was quiet, cleaning and tending massa’s chill’un.

It was fine until all this talk of demanding equality, persondom, freedom wrapped up in autonomy became law. So, yes these shrews and toads are most upset about a black girl, a gal, a bed wench, a uppity nigra, on one of the most glamorous stages and desired by a Prince that is white?!

Ooh, chile…these folk are pressed to death, hear me?

Meghan Markle is a happy woman. She deserves to be happy. Black women do not own the cast lot of only knowing pain and suffering and loss. Our hearts are not born broken and our fates out of our control set adrift. We are deserving of all good things and work our asses off to get them.

She found her happy ending.

Now, y’all who don’t like it can go find some business.


Hello, loves. So glad you could make it!

Gooble. Gooble. Let’s get it.




I wrestled with staying quiet about this topic. I didn’t want to seem as if I being a part of a bandwagon, and I cannot ignore it–this young man is old enough to be my little brother. I have lost a brother to war already. See the post about my Little Brother Vincent written earlier this year in June.

Imma say it. What happened in Niger is suspect. It really is. This week more remains of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson were found in Niger. That without other explanation is horrifying. His widow, Myiesha, was denied the peace of an open casket to make sure it was him. I screamed when I heard this. It had to be an ancestral wail because I had no idea the level of pain that lived in me or could be in her to be told something like this! What could it be? His hand? A leg? What macabre, grotesque piece was found and then associated to a fallen soldier?

My heart breaks for her…and the gutter disrespect that follows in the hearts of people that wanna come for her (and answer the question lingering, I believe The PT Barnum Circus Money said exactly what she said he did say), because she called the Puppet POTUS a lie? Nall. She deserves all respect due her, as well as his mother. The pin I put there is a quote from A Time To Kill, “Now, imagine if that little girl was white…”








I’m beginning to wonder what my mother’s life, my life, would have been like if my grandmother had stayed in Mississippi. I think about it, in the light and perversion of what is happening in Alabama and I’m grateful my grandmother did not stay.

I touched on this last week, and feel I must again. There is this invincible ignorance that seems to stymie any progress when it comes to women, our bodies, or sexuality or reproductive rights or the right to tell a man, “No.”

My grandmother used to call it being fast–the type of girl or woman that invited male attention. When the opposite is true in most cases. The dirty secret is, women are taught to be chaste, not chased, demure and not desired, and your body is not to be sullied. And if we were defiled, it’s our fault and we should just pray and deal as best we can.

As these situations unfold, it makes me beyond sad. I think how hard it must have been to live with something that took a piece of you and having to act as if that is normal. Whether a woman is 4, 14 or 40 at the time they are violated, it is still a violation. Women are still people and worthy of respect.

I told this to a friend of mine yesterday: Power hates to concede to fault. This is one then reasons pride comes before a fall. There are men in this world, people in this world whom aim to hurt and exploit the vulnerable and naive. They live for it!

What will help this situation is three-fold:

1. BELIEVE THE VICTIM. In the time we live in, we know people lie. However, sexual assault is 2 things: a truth or a vicious lie. Either way, the situation must be analyzed and found truthful. Don’t dismiss a claim because of what you think is true.

2. EDUCATE. Teach young children that no one should touch them unless they say they can, and if they are touched in an inappropriate manner? Tell. Let them know what a good touch and a bad touch is.

3. RESTORATION. Don’t cast people away whom this has happened to. Love them, offer a safe place and it is never a bad idea to talk to someone. Sometimes in the dark, you pray forgot to be shone to you for a way out–don’t be a train of shame to run these survivors over in these moments.

I know that was heavy, maybe next week will be better. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and know we all gon make it–one day at a time.


Aight. No intro. Let’s get it. Your girl got time for it today.


Water is life.

Land not for sale.

Respect the earth.

We tried to tell you.


I had to snatch the entire Golden Globes for how they thought it was okay to categorize GET OUT as a comedy, so read the bonus post I GOT TIME: ‘GET OUT’.



This is some nonsense. This man has been living his life and trying to be better (rap career notwithstanding) and got caught up. My heart hurts for him. All I have for this is the Tupac lyric, “They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.”

The system will never protect the people it was never created to protect. Understand, this initial charge happened in his youth—and he’s still paying for it. This is one of the reasons why I am so in favor of mentorship and fatherhood. Our sons will never do better until they see better exists and is attainable.




If I hear something else about women being touched, Imma start slapping folk. The problem this nation is facing is not new. This problem of select men seeing women as property to self or communal property is not new. The women it is happening to is new.

From Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, the Orange Idiot and the dude that takes too long to stop looking at you, there is a legit deficit in character where you believe every woman you see you (in the words of my Daddy, who told me NO ONE should touch me ‘less I want them to!) just got to have!

There is no respect for women, especially women of color, in this country.


Fight me.

There is a lack of the respect of women I have seen that only my grandma would have been alive to see and relay.

In all this, the disturbing thing?

People knew.

People KNEW!

It’s easy to tell a fool because he always got his mouth open.

Roy Moore is a fool.

45 is a fool.

Harvey Weinstein is a fool.

And they are also predatory in their behavior. And like all predators, they had hunting grounds.

Harvey’s was entertainment arenas: production offices, bars filled with hungry starlets and movie sets wanting to be discovered. He levied power and influence to snatch them up.

Roy Moore had an entire community in Alabama to stalk and seek to the point it was common knowledge he liked young and younger girls, and he got put out of a mall for lecherous behavior.

The scariest monsters are in plain sight–not under beds. He hunted and stalked these girls and wrapped his prestige around him like Hades’s cloak of invisibility, knowing that no one would stop him or see him to stop him.

45 had boardrooms, back offices, jets and hotel rooms. He hides in money, power and influence. Ivanka believes her father doesn’t do monstrous things, but Roy Moore she accuses, backing Moore’s victims. But your pappy did the same thing?!

Women are not possessions. We are people. Why is that so hard to understand? Why is a woman only believed when she’s white or white and monied?

My body, our bodies belong to us!

Rape culture persists because there are men whom persist to rape, molest and catcall. But when the leader of the free world whom is not Angela Merkel admits he grabs pussy—what can the other Romans do when in Rome?

Teach your daughters that their bodies are precious and special. No one gets to touch them because they want to or just because they are pretty. And give them the right to protect themselves–without apology.


Welcome to RUNITBACK FRIDAY! Here, all the things that were on my mind all week but I couldn’t speak about or blog about will be here for your tea sippage. Get a snack.


For my local Firestarters, Prop P. This was the proposition to pay for more officers in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The thinking being, “More police, more safety.” Or, “More money will keep the good officers.


This measure passed–yet no police reform is taking place. The Mayor of St. Louis, Lyin Lyda Krewson, said in January ’17 if elected mayor she would fire the corrupt leader of the police union, Jeff Rooda. He’s still there. She shook his hand earlier this month. And Jason Stockley murdered Anthony Lamar Smith with a blue wall backing with brick by Rooda.


You cannot throw money at this issue. Police abolishing must happen or reform. The current state and permutation of law enforcement is terroristic in nature and cannot co-exist with the continued safety of the people they are paid to serve.


This phone is like $1000. It’s a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s half the price of the Givenchy Antigone bag. It’s a small child you can keep in your bag. And the letter I is malfunctioning? Nall, son. I can’t. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Y’all can have it.

#TheEmperorIsNaked I really want Mike Flynn to be the Sammy Gravano of this situation. I want him to tell Bob Mueller 45’s shoe size! I want him to realize he’s been set up. I want Ivanka’s pappy to do a perp walk. This madness is not sustainable. It isn’t. We know there is a man behind the curtain, and he has a half-trillion dollar motive not to give a damn about anyone on the West side of the Atlantic. Don’t be fooled! The revolution is yet happening, and resistance is on deck. And they caught his son too? Oh, yeah. Give it time. That’s all Sammy needed.

#RoyMoore The GOP doesn’t give a f— about women. Or families. This woman, these women whom have come forward are not believed because of who the man is. The Alabama state auditor likened this situation to Mary and Joseph. Yes, THAT MARY and THAT JOSEPH. This is how rape culture explains itself while men aren’t held accountable, and it roots in the social psyche. If you are a woman and a Republican…you are stupid. More stupid if you voted for 45 after he admitted he grabs pussy.

We’re a year into this insanity. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, though, “we gon’ be alright.” RESIST.