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What If You Did It Anyway

The best thing people could ever do is underestimate you.

With the complicated burrowing through this life, there will always be people to tell what you could not, should not, unable to do. You cannot be defined and determined by other people’s opinions. However, other people will try and define you by what they think you should do or what would best suit you.

Again, the best thing people could ever do is underestimate you. In the act of underestimating, they have shown their level of involvement in your life and their contributions therein. The blessing in that underestimation, you have the power to discern what you want of your life and what you need to help you propel forward. The underestimation is rocket fuel to focus.

In the propelling forward, you are forced to decide what it is you want, and what help you will need when you need help.

What you must remember is people love to criticize what is new, different and challenges what they think I comfortable.  People love to talk–and do so no matter what is presented to them. They will talk if you do what you want in spite of, they will talk if  you stand still waiting for someone to come with you.

My question is this:

What if you did what you wanted? What if you did it anyway?

Whatever your it is, what if you need it with love, conviction, and in spite of other people’s opinions of you?

What if you made this life your own and did what you wanted, like you wanted and was excellent at it?

What if…just what if you did it anyway?

I was musing with a friend of mine about what a journey this life is. How as a child, you know what you are good at–you can’t explain it to other people , but in the world you craft for yourself, you know. For me it was words and writing. I couldn’t explain it to other people, but in my heart I knew these strange 26 letters I made my right hand master in print and cursive, no one could best me at.

I wrote anyway. I am writing anyway.

The wisdom I implore you to take with you today is the greatest gift of time and aging:  reflection. What is your it? What are you trying to do or to become? What will it take to get there? What will you let go of to get it? Most of all, is it worth it?

This life, as beautiful, chaotic, dirty and crazy as it is, are swath with trade-offs. Full of its. Full of all marvelous its–things to do, see, shape, create and become. What is it?

When you answer this, determined about it, then it will not matter what people say…you’ll do it anyway.

Do it anyway…

Dying Of The Light

One of my favorite quotes in all of literature or poetry is this by Dylan Thomas:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light…”

This poem Do Not Go Gentle is written about aging, and by virtue of aging living bravely until there are no more days in which to do so. I am fond of saying there are only some things which are only, can only be expressed through ink:  tattoos or otherwise. I think our dear Mr. Thomas captures that quite incredible.

It is easy to give up, dear ones. It is comfortable to say what you cannot do, will not overcome especially as you wander through this life with the grace of age. It is easier to abandon dreams in favor of what it practical, safe and tangible. However, there is an element to this life which as you age, you will encounter more than once. I call it the knock.

My best friend and co-collaborator says often “step into your greatness” and “don’t get stuck the weeds.” Simply stated, this means don’t let you stop you.

Don’t let you stop you.

In this new year 17 days old, you have every opportunity set before you to manifest all you desire to become. No one will shove you towards this ideal self, but there will always be hints as to what you are supposed to do. There are nudges that guide, and there is the knock.

This incessant intrusion into the life crafted perfected which as you ignore will soften, and urge. This sense there is more to this life than that which you have crafted for yourself. The longer your ignore it, the more push it away, the harder the knock will become when it resurfaces. It will make itself known as it did for me–I decided nursing could not be all God wanted for me. The clothes of a nurse no longer fit–my power, my talent for healing was found in words and storytelling.

Walking away from what I knew to be safe an lucrative was liberating. Indeed, flying without a net. Yet, this was the thing I had done since I was 8, and committed to do at 16. The knock, my knock, was steady, it was certain and I knew once I admitted this was what I was supposed to do, I ran after it.

I raged against the dying of the light.

The years I lost towards becoming an alien in my own life, I was determined to not lose another second on my journey.

I won’t say it’s been easy. It has been one of the most difficult things I have had to do. Yet, I had no choice. Why? The knock. This divine resonance which the Almighty wouldn’t let me give up on, and push me towards, and sustained me until I could hear it again.

Don’t fear the critics, beloved. They come because that’s all they can do. They criticize to remind you to focus. They come so your God can set the table in the midst of your enemies as He promised you He would. Critics cannot stop you, they can only equip you.

You don’t see eagles in henhouses.

Not all whom are for you, are for you. Yet there more people waiting to see when you will answer your knock. You are more than what you know. You have all you need to do all you seek. The first thing you need to do is listen–in the listening, you can then open the door. You are not too old. It is not too late.

It’s not too late.

Knock. Knock.