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This Ally Ship

This story came across my desk as I was out of town this weekend. Am I surprised? No. The fact this doctor did this is amazing. What is odd, which probably shouldn’t be at this point, is the mother of one of his patients reported this to the hospital and Dr. Gu was put on paid administrative leave.

Think about that.

The mother of one of the patients he was taking care of didn’t like his political views, and told the hospital. This is asinine. The article does not detail the race of the woman that did this, knowing her son was his patient, this sounds like white privilege and its exploitation of minority people.

She didn’t care what he did as long as he saved her son. Once he had outlived his usefulness to her, she all of a sudden wasn’t comfortable with him kneeling.


But I promise you, she will swear up one wall and down another that she isn’t a racist and is, what is the phrase now, but ‘concerned about the state of the country and doesn’t think the workplace is the right place to express political beliefs.’

If anything, those whom call themselves allies or practice allyship need to understand progress and change are not catch phrases or trends. There is a level of agreement you commit to which you remain vigilant to those you agree to help. You don’t just abandon that because it gets hard or something else cooler comes along.

Take a cue from Dr. Gu and the God’s Son album, track 12  (Revolutionary Warfare):

“..and listen more, and talk less…”

“…be ready to die for what you believe in and ride all the time, not just when convenient.”

Being an ally will cost you something. Being a part of a things greater than yourself will require you to do things greater than what would expected of other people. It will demand you understand what you agree to support will require your support. Allyship is no respecter of time or situation.

Your support, if it is true, will require you to do something. It will require you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable–and that may cost you. However, if the goal is change and that is achieved by disruption, that is great gain.

Don’t lose sight of the goal.

Thank you to all those who support the movement (not just the moments), and desire to see the world change to benefit and protect all people.

Thank you.

Mike & Jemele & Me

So…ESPN cowed.
The network with few female journalists and fewer journalists/anchors of color, cowed to the red meat-sated viewers who just wanted her to ‘shut up and stick to news.’

(Aight. Okay.)

So, she’s suspended for two weeks.

(Oh, word?)

Yet, her co-host for The Six, Michael Smith, went with her.

(Waitamin…*record scratch*)

Yes, Michael Smith on the day her suspension was handed down did not host The Six with the co-host the network offered as a suitable stand-in.

What did our girl Jemele do to get all this tension and static? What all black women do when shenanigans is afoot:  SPEAK UP.

This was taken from http://www.variety.com, the article is dated October 10:

“…ESPN on Monday suspended Hill for two weeks. The move came in response to statements the anchor made on Twitter encouraging fans to apply pressure to NFL advertisers as a counter to mandates from owners of the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys that players stand during pregame performances of national anthem. The suspension came one month after ESPN became embroiled in controversy over a tweet by Hill calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist.”

So for resisting, Jemele was told by her employer to shut all that up. Call it what it is.

I don’t like it either.

However, what gave me hope, in this GOP Reign of madness, chaos and suffering? Michael “He just might make all this aight” Smith.

When he didn’t go on without her? All of me as a black woman was encouraged and strengthened. He’s hosting it solo.

Why is this?

He supported her.

This is one of those basic things that go into being a complete person:  receipt of support and deserving of respect.

This here? I was elated over.  We as black women sometimes eat each other alive before we support one another. Or that support isn’t what we’d hoped it would be from whom we wanted.

It was phenomenal to see him support her. PHENOMENAL. In the adversarial nature that can be male-female relationships, where support is rarely-traded commodity, the simple act of him saying to himself, “Nall, they ain’t about to do my girl like this and me not say nothing,” and put that into action?



It’s not about who I’d always have in front in matters of support, but who will have your back when the knives and flames reach there while you stand in the front for and with everyone else.

The world needs more Mikes.

Like Jemele Hill

I’m a sports fan. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I had horrible insomnia. I got familiar with super familiar with early morning news shows, Adult Swim and everything on ESPN. 

I started to become a fan of  Mike & Mike In the Morning (to the point I listened to them in the car), E: 60 Documentaries and His & Hers

I liked His & Hers.  

I like the dynamic between Jemele and Michael. I like how she was knowledgeable, astute and took none. It made me feel better about being a sportsfan who had a vagina.

Now, with the state of the nation being run by a racist, orange internet troll, things are going to be said about that.  Deal with it. 

Jemele Hill called 45 a white supremacist on social media, to be specific: TWITTER.

Nothing in this tweet is inaccurate. Nothing. Yet, because 45 does it like it when he’s called out on his BS, he lashes out and wants someone to fight for him, the soulless Sarah Huckabee Sanders said from behind the White House podium that Jemele Hill should be fired from ESPN. 

A year before, Curt Schilling got fired from ESPN when he made those stupid remarks about the LGBTQIA community, namely people of trans experience. 

The key difference?

What Jemele said is true. It’s true. 

You need only look at whom 45 has appointed, worked with and been involved with over the last 40 years. 


And for her to not bend when she said it? Glorious. Schilling can be mad. He’s a bigot right along with the rest of that Drumpf supporting basket of deplorables.

Schilling not liking it, don’t make it less true. He’s mad that he was found out and exposed for the racist, bigot he is–because racism is rooted in power and its maintenance. He can continue to be salty and banished.

Many moons ago, I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to work for the New York Times. I remember I watched ESPN, and longed to see more black women on–just doing their thing, bruh. 

Now, I can watch The Six with my girls and be like, “Gon head, Jemele. Best of both worlds.”

Thank you, Jemele.