#28DaysOfBlackness: Hair & Thangs With Tiffany Shawntay

It’s still February which means it’s STILL BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

Today, I want to highlight Tiffany Shawntay (@errybodylovestiff on IG). Tiffany is a 34-year-old graduate of the historic HBCU Benedict College in Columbia, SC. Tiffany is an engaged mommy of two living in Brooklyn, NY. 

I wanted to highlight Tiffany for a few reasons.

One: she’s a fantastic hair stylist working in NYC. She does in calls as well. BOOK HER!

Two: Her hair page is @tiffantshawntay on IG and she truly does it all. Whether you’re looking for salon service or home kitchen services, Tiffany can hook your hair up!

Three: She’s all about the HEALTH of hair first! Styling is just icing for Tiffany and I like that. We need affordable, talented stylists that won’t trend your hair right out of your scalp. Get your hair fixed by someone who cares if you still have hair in a month!

Four: Tiffany also has a really adorable accessories boutique. It’s called Glorious Glam Dolls (IG: @gloriousglamdolls). They’re often doing pop-up stores and booths at NYC events and I’m always jealous because the pieces are so cute. Great for jazzing up all your summer gear. Believe it or not y’all, summer is coming!

Buy some stuff!! It’s cute and we supporting Black businesses in 2019. 

Five: Tiffany is apart of a weekly talk show type podcast with her sisters on Facebook called Tea Time Talk Show. It’s seriously funny and engaging. All the cackles you might expect from a group of actual sisters talking about the current mess in music media and reality TV. Go watch some old episodes. They’re so funny. 

Tiffany is the epitome of Black girl magic and she’s making Black history by putting a little bit of herself in every avenue possible. She’s a positive force in our community and she does good works on behalf of her church, her sorority in addition to her own endeavors.

Everything she’s doing, everything she will do, is hard work. Tiffany does it because she’s dedicated to making people feel beautiful no matter their economic circumstances. That type of light and hustle deserves a little spotlight. 

[image from Tiffany Shawntay IG]

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